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quote Agent Mo
LOL you go Darsh!
Thanks! We both can invent many more things =D read more

quote haalyle
Nice one, like a tounge twister
All credit goes to Agent Mo He told me to make this my title xD I... read more

quote haalyle
XD, I know right.
How did we get this from Ada's line?
haha, yeah, from Ada to Wesker and Jill, I really... read more

quote haalyle
XD, All I can say for Chris is:
"You son of a-"
He had Jill...probably will break up XD
Yeah, he can't say... read more

quote haalyle
I hope so too.
How about the clone huh?
Eh, still...I swear they got that from the live-action... read more

quote haalyle
XD, yeah. I do too.
I hope she is as awesome as that in re6 read more

quote Tenklis
I hope so! Would be like BASE jumping and flying helicopters from GTA Ballad of Gay... read more

quote Tenklis
It better include spears, dragon mounting, giant mud crab, vamp and werewolf skill tree's. I'm not...
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quote Naked Snak3
So the HD collection already out for PS3 includes a remastered version of Metal Gear Solid?
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We gotta learn how to eat your own words from him. Nice one Rasmus Højengaard. read more

Wow, Kinect! What about PSMove ? And DLCs better have giant mudcrab and dragon mounting (Joking) Anyway, nice news, Neo read more