Nice trailer

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As a result, we see much more of the actor's portrayal of Krats.
I didn't...
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Better late than never huh? Too bad I have an imported Singaporean copy of Skyrim. DLCs won't work with my copy... read more

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Only a little.
My mum knows most of it.
Cool. I know a few words but I have more knowledge in Italian... read more

Very tricky since Sony creates such ads for even one game. They didn't say anything about releasing their PS4's info... read more

Haalyle, you know French?

And yes, I would really like to play survivors with you two I love French language Vive... read more

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Greetings from Australia, your all the way in Mumbai! I hope to travel to india one day... read more

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This delay had better mean that they want to take their time, working out all the bugs from the PC...
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Good grief Connor looks hot!

*fans self*

Cannot wait for this if we're getting some EYE CANDY
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"Never tell anyone outside your family about what you're thinking" - Vito Corleone, The Godfather.
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