Sony invited people to watch their PS4 reveal and they didn't say that it was going to be PS4.
Ubisoft does the same... read more

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I know right.
Sony, slow down a little, remember what happened when PS3 was first on sale...
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I know how you feel man.
Give us a little bit of time, I know it's the future...but the future can wait.
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likes jbh's status update: "You only live once, so don't be a c*nt."

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As I was saying Darsh, you're my RE4 buddy now, Mo isn't
Mo likes re4 as much as I do but I... read more

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I would like to know why this is all on my status
First thing I see on Notifications:
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Hi guys. imo, RE4 and RE6 both are good but RE4 is better in terms of balancing action with horror-mood. RE6 has... read more


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I don't think anybody is, bro. Not even Sony. D:
Haha, so true read more

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I can't wait to know more about the new hero and the time period I hope it's British India. read more

No profit without some loss, eh Sony? PS4 shall make the investors drool :3 read more

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Me either. I think I'm about 2 or 3 years, at least, away. =/
Yeah, I love my PS3 and PS2. Besides,... read more

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I'm not ready for PS4 :(
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Very fascinating news This could be a teaser of AC IV or AC4 ^^ And the dead body is most likely

Spoiler: spoiler...
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