Dec 1, 16 5:18pm
likes Avalith's Neoseeker news: Ubisoft to stop selling mandatory DLC that limits your game experience
Dec 1, 16 5:14pm

Now is the chance for them to rebuild their image by offering free DLCs and improving the game... read more

Dec 1, 16 5:11pm
likes leochan's Neoseeker news: No Man's Sky developer cleared over misleading consumers in UK
Nov 17, 16 5:50pm
likes Avalith's Neoseeker news: Super Mario Run brings the Mushroom Kingdom to iOS December 15 for $9.99
Oct 23, 16 10:26am

I hope they do make remasters for Switch users who never had the older consoles and also allow... read more

Sep 18, 16 10:41am
likes Avalith's Neoseeker news: Samurai Punk reveals The American Dream, shoot away your problems with guns
Sep 12, 16 9:50am
likes Avalith's Neoseeker news: PS4 gamers may have to pay for HDR patches from third party publishers
Sep 6, 16 11:25am
likes Avalith's Neoseeker news: Rockstar victorious in Lindsay Lohan's Grand Theft Auto V lawsuit
Jul 24, 16 9:39am

quote Northern49
Some things they really need to add to complete this game:
- Actually battle...
read more

Jul 24, 16 9:36am
likes Avalith's Neoseeker news: Pokémon GO now available in Japan, and it's already banned in some places
Jul 7, 16 5:00pm
likes Symphonic Abyss' Neoseeker news: Pokémon GO is now available in the US, gotta catch 'em all on your phone
Jul 6, 16 10:17am
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