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* NEO-bros: HighDragon255(Nik),jbh(Jerry), Aura, TripleDX, Stitch(Jochem), ChiroVette, ItBeMe(Tom), AgentMo(Mo),Speed Demon, Ditnopota(Steve), Markimus_123(Mark), Deception(Viva Brandonio!!), NeoHoltSky(My lil' Neo).

* NEO-sisters: Paper Fox , Pikachu, Haalyle, Imprisoned_Butterfly(Sylvania), Sword_Of_Omens

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* NEO-crush: Disillusioned

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*******************About me!********** is my second home.
All of my NeoFreinds are Awesome and we hang a lot!
RanDome,Ditnopota, SpeedDemon,jbh, AgentMo, ItBeMe and maybe YOU if you are thinking of becoming my friend ;)!
My first console was PSOne.
First game profile I clicked on Neo was RE4!

I love Harry Potter movies,games & all things related to Harry Potter :3!I also like Twilight movies :D

I used to watch Pok'emon a lot then i stopped and now I started again- on and off !!
Now something about me-

I am a good looking 17 year old boy who love to play games and study hard.
I love work out so..I am not flabby XD!
I am healthy & I am FAIR toned thats why I get sun burns ;)!

***********My place*********

I live in one of the biggest central suburbs of the Mumbai(The city where dreams come true,Economical and Bissiness capital of India etc. etc.). That FAMOUS suburb is Dombivli. Dombivli is situated in Thane Dist. and Is in Maharashtra state,India.

I like to dance, play games, watch movies, surfing Internet,watching funny videos on Youtube and spending quality time with my family & friends.

I love HORROR games. Don't be scared!!! Because I love the thrills of those games.

I love games with Good graphics,nice game play and HUGE popularity like Resident Evil 4,Resident Evil 5, GTA:SA, GTA4, Resistance2, Dead Space 2 etc.

I like action games too , e.g. Resident Evil 4 & 5 , God Of War 1 & 2 , Assassin's Creed 2/Bro, God of War 3 , Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas & GTA Episodes from Liberty City etc.

*****GAMES for Life?**********

I play games for relaxing my mind, some times for even time-pass! I think games are essential for a balanced life style. Like work out and study is!
So...Play games, study hard and LIVE THE LIFE!

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BEST QUOTE by Randome-

quote gobi1972-

I fail to see why Console games (with parts which cannot be upgraded most of the time) stays the same throughout the year even with new games popping out but we need to keep changing hardware for PC like 8 months once just to play a new game. I mean, I own PS2 which I brought like 8 yrs ago, and it plays games which came out a year ago (like Persona 4 or Resident Evil 4 which came out couple of years back) without as much as a glitch.

Harddisk ... I can understand. RAM ... Yes, still acceptable. But requirements regarding Windows versions or Video cards ... I don't see the relevance of game producers putting emphasis on better graphic cards just to support their games

Randome: Allow me to enlighten you.

Console games "stay the same", because game companies know the abilities of consoles and continue to make games that don't exceed those limits. And why would they? A PC will work forever (the newer games will just work on lower and lower settings), but you'll have to buy a whole new console after every certain amount of time. And when an old console brakes, that's it. You can't play all old games on new consoles.

PC games are all super HD compared with console games and game companies purposely make all newer games more and more HD to push the limits of what's possible. And when you can no-longer play the newest games at maximum (or even medium) settings, all you have to do is pop in a new video card and say "hello" to a whole new level of HD. An you get to keep all your old games.

And the limits on operating systems are there, because different operating systems are so differently programmed that the game programs have to be different too, to be able to work in them. But that's why later operating systems have compatibility settings (which don't always work).


English/Hollywood movies,Harry Potter, Charlie Chaplin, Mr.bean,PS2,PS3,Computer,Internet!


MY favourite websites-


I like Harry Potter games,Horror games,Action games , game that has best graphics. My Favourite games -

* TOP TEN games-

1. Batman:Arkham City (PS3)

2. Silent Hill: Downpour and HD collection (PS3 and Xbox 360)

3.Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City (PS3)

4. Assassin's Creed Revelations (PS3)

5. Grand Theft Auto: SanAndreas (PS2 & PC)

6. Resistance 2 (PS3 only)

7. Silent Hill:Homecoming (PS3)

8. Time Splitters: Future Perfect (BEST 1st person shooter on PS2!)

9. Red Dead Redemtion (PS3)

10. God Of War 1 & God Of War 2 (BEST action-adventure games on PS3 & PS2)



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