Jan 01, 15 6:59pm
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 :) May the new year be prosperous, happy and successful for you and your family!
DarshD shared a forum thread
Dec 20, 13 3:02pm

http://www.examiner.com/article/rumor-current-next-gen-only-assassin-s-creed-titles-being-developed-for-2014 --Quote quote

DarshD shared a news (@RabidChinaGirl)
Dec 16, 13 2:17pm
Glad to see Neoseeker covering this issue. I hope Google understands how serious this thing is!

Google is on the defensive, and has responded to some of the flak it's been taking recently over draconian Content ID system. That, if you didn't know, is responsible for all those copyright notices that pop up on your YouTube videos. Yesterday, Dee....

DarshD shared a news (@bluexy)
Dec 13, 13 9:49am
Cool. I wish I had the money. But I do have TLOU :D

Oh, spirits of Black Friday please take pity on our poor PlayStation 3 owning souls, because Sony and crew have set up one heck of a line-up for the console this year and our wallets are unprepared for the consequences. Not only has the platform rec....

DarshD blogged
Sep 25, 13 1:14pm

GTA V rocks. My Special Edition unboxing here- Dilute Yeah, I'm loving it :D Have you got it too? Here's my unboxing of it- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTAMP2meTmM&feature=share&list=UUwQ8VO5dHvF5FYnyCctMv3A More videos to come.
dilute DarshD
Sep 22, 13 11:02pm
Got GTA 5 in your hands? :D
DarshD shared a forum thread
Aug 10, 13 1:50pm

_Did A 'UFO' Hover Over Florida Pool? (VIDEO) _ Posted: 08/09/2013 12:50 pm EDT | Updated: 08/10/2013 1:43 a

Jul 17, 13 12:49pm
Got The Last of Us and a PS3 500GB Super Slim :D Unboxing video link- http://bit.ly/14Y5opp
DarshD shared a news (@RabidChinaGirl)
May 26, 13 10:18am

Now here's something that the Grand Theft Auto fans might be amused by. A brand spankin' new Grand...

DarshD shared a user review (@haalyle)
May 17, 13 1:02pm

Resident Evil is a popular franchise made by the company Capcom. Well, that's the base for most of the Resident Evil...

DarshD shared a news (@AnthonyMole)
May 15, 13 2:04pm

Earlier this year, Rockstar Games planned a PSN re-release of Grand Theft Auto: San...

DarshD shared a news (@RabidChinaGirl)
Apr 19, 13 1:26pm

Hardcore Elder Scrolls V players on consoles should be happy to know that Skyrim 1.9, first released to PC in...

DarshD shared a news (@bluexy)
Apr 19, 13 1:25pm

So long, Dovahkiin. So long, Skyrim. Bethesda announced today that development for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim...

DarshD shared a news (@bluexy)
Apr 10, 13 9:28pm

When Batman: Arkham Origins was announced yesterday, the developers teased that Batman would be faced up against...

DarshD shared a user review (@Demonfurby)
Apr 08, 13 11:48am

(Note: the following contain mild spoilers from the game. I will surmise at the top of...

DarshD shared a user review (@Demonfurby)
Apr 08, 13 11:20am

Gather 'round kiddies and let me tell you of a tale of a time long begone. When the...

DarshD shared a news (@cromagdude)
Apr 03, 13 11:14am

PlayStation 3 gamers have something nice to look forward to next week, as both Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City...

DarshD shared a news (@bluexy)
Mar 21, 13 10:39am

It's late here, but in the UK dawn is breaking and Sony hatching a teaser that should scramble gamers minds for a...

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