DQ Maniac Darkwolf280
Dec 15, 05 11:33pm
Make sure you don't let the elderly decorate your Christmas tree this year.

Enjoy the holidays!
Akiva Darkwolf280
Dec 6, 05 7:22am
Be happy for thou has thy guest book signeth! Sign back!

kaja Darkwolf280
Aug 8, 05 9:10am
You really need to come back to neo dude....it brings a tear to my eye...where art thou darkwolf280? oh and one more thing......bears>lions forever
Luigi88 Darkwolf280
Sep 12, 04 3:02am
Sup? You seem like a cool football fan. I don't like football much, but I do watch it at times. Anyways just testin out my new and crappy stamp, enjoy:

Sign back if you can.....
Dragon Cloud Darkwolf280
Aug 29, 04 10:31pm
NSX Darkwolf280
Aug 23, 04 1:29am
Your guestbook has been signed by whom? Guess.

See you around Darkwolf280. Sign back if you want...
bl3nd3r Darkwolf280
Aug 19, 04 7:48pm

Hardee Harr Harr.
Angel Blade Darkwolf280
Aug 6, 04 8:05am
Thanks for signing;) That evil bunny from hell scared me! AHHHHH!! *Runs in the opposite direction*
Meh, not stamp, so a picture will have to do

Hahaha, not for sale buddy

BLACK METAL FOREVER!! (Odd you stumbled onto a bm fan without knowing it:P)

-Angel Blade27-
(this siggy is worth a million dollars in real life)
Ghost117 Darkwolf280
Aug 4, 04 5:36am
Hey man, I just felt like signing your guestbook today because you look like a great member. Well see you out in the madden forum.
Dragon Cloud Darkwolf280
Aug 3, 04 10:21am
I will not sign your guestbook.
Did you know that over 30% of chickens have a deformity?

No? Good, because it isn't true.
Let me tell you a story.
No you won't like it.
Any way, good luck with the future by bretheren.

Cool T-shirt uh?

I just ordered one!
rockhole Darkwolf280
Jul 11, 04 12:32am

Stamp bombardment acheived.

Oh, and good to have one more BM fan around, keep the spirit alive and stuff mang.
Fallen Hero Darkwolf280
Jun 21, 04 8:02am
Sorry I didn't sign this earlier. >_<

Being one of my fellow black metalheads on Neo, I'm obligated to sign your guestbook. Black metal lives on!
theoneandonly Fritz Darkwolf280
Mar 29, 04 12:02am
Lazy you, not checking your guestbook. I signed it again! also, i am the last person to ever sign your guestbook until someone else signs it. Yay...
theoneandonly Fritz Darkwolf280
Jan 23, 04 5:28am
ohh man... you are so depressing... Fritz Highlan, the wealthy equdorian singing sensation and farmer, really wants to sign your guestbook now, and I guess he just did. Okay, I ain't depressed no more. Awesome!
The Lady Pyro Darkwolf280
Aug 26, 03 6:46am
I'm sigin the guestbook yes I am, look at me go weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....Ok that was fun. Hey thanz for the entry! I'll see ya round k? I'm always here somewhere.
ReconfromShadows Darkwolf280
Jun 14, 03 1:59pm
Yeah, its a drag that no one signed your guestbook in awhile. I know how you feel, but I had to wait 8 months until that happened But ahywho, signing other peoplesgustbook is a rand idea, so that they can sign yours too. But you may not awlays get an immediate response since "some" of those people don't even realize they have a guestbook Oh well, thanks anyways for signing my g-book ^.^