Shiny Male Tyrunt Adamant 32 iv in HP Defense Ice fang Thunder Fang Poison Fang Dragon Dance Pokerus Nicknamable

I have many tyrunts while trying to breed a shiny. they are all adamant not to sure about Iv's im sure they have 1 o

male or female Ice fang and Fire fang or Ice fang and Poison fang (Preferred) Giving UT torchic event for it. i

Offer Bulbasaur 31 iv's in everything apart from attack modest nature male and HA. And UT torchic event and a kabuto

Looking for a modest ditto with 31 iv's in HP/Def/Sp atk/Sp Def thats Japanese/French/German... a different country from

With modest Nature Female inside a Luxury ball. WITH HIDDEN ABILITY plz (Chlorophyll) can offer modest froakie wit

if anyone could i would be really grateful! i can offer a froakie with modest nature and Hidden ability in luxury balls

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