Do you think, as the title says, we will ever see the ability to "undo" Mega Evolution after we have Mega Evolved?

I started thinking about playing a Pokemon game in this perspective after seeing Glittering Cave and route 1 in Pokemon X and

I'm going to be using a Xerneas for a competitive team, and I am trying to choose between two that I have. No matter whic

So, I suddenly disappeared for several months from the forum due to personal reason I won't detail, and hopefully this is

Well, I've never used Pokerus, and now in X and Y I don't see a reason to. Super Training eliminates the need to figh

I'd just like to add someone with Ditto in their Safari so I can breed with it. Thanks in advance :) Oh, also, my FC a

So, I traded a Pokemon of mine that I used to breed, and I hadn't realized it still had the Destiny Knot, so I no longer

I've been building up a competitive team - for the first time since I started playing Pokemon in 2007 - and I've deci

I've seen several threads on this now, and I've asked on pretty much each one what the heck Instacheck is; I never ge

So, I'm trying to breed for perfect IV's so I can get into the competitive scene, since I've decided X and Y is a

So, I'm just really curious what Smeargle's animation for Oblivian Wing looks like. When Yveltal uses it, it flies up

So, random thought. Do you think that maybe some time - not necessarily gen 6, although that would be nice for the third game

So, basically this is something that will be either very OP, or too terrible to ever use. The idea is that it's a last re

I've done the math, and I've obtained every Pokemon that is possible to obtain without transferring to sixth gen.

So, in previous generations (2-5), when you had a Pokemon holding the Exp. Share, and you were fighting enemies while using a

So, I have been frequently trading in the GTS to fill up my National Pokedex as much as the game will allow. Well, I traded m

So, although each Pokemon game has many innovations that make it superior to their predecessors (just my opinion, please don&

So, I have a number of Pokemon from different Safaris that I'm trying to fill as quickly as possible, simply for the Poke

Some of you may have already seen this by now, but I thought I'd share. See, for 10 years, I've been theorizing th

I mean the standard red-white Pokeballs. I've never used the great balls, ultra balls, etc. because I simply hate the

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