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Mar 24, 13 4:22pm

Superhero Costume Aging: Best and Worst

The costume is what makes the superhero. It is a symbol to represent themselves. But many of these people were designed back in the 40s and 50s. Way different times from today. So I'm here to rate the Top 5 best and worst.

Little not to everyone on some rules. I'm doing this before the new 52, as many superheroes have had their uniforms changed. Some had a different costume from when they were introduced but eventually stuck to one design for the rest of their comic book lives. If their costumes have changed a lot, like Cyborg's or Iron Man, then they won't be on this list. Batman is not on this list. He has gone through many costume tweaks and thus does not make this list. One last rule: if they were introduced in the 70s to present (no Wolverine), they don't count either. So let's get to it!

The Best


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BluePhoenix Apr 5, 13
I'd have to disagree on Aquaman for the sole reason at one point he had a hook hand which was beyond badass. I agree on Martian Manhunter though, its just wrong looking at him.
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Iconic Jul 24, 13
All these have had different looks and tweaks throughout the years though..