Get the first volume for many great team owned comics. Deadly Class, Saga, Sex Criminal In New York City in 1900, the Knickerbocker

I'm on Chrome and for some reason when people post Youtube videos, I'm unable to see them. Java is updated so I don&a

Okay, so the Transformers Humble Bundle sale ended and now the one has started. Getting a

Greetings, friends. IDW is wanting you to buy more comics. They released the amazing Humble Bundle deal for Transformers. Now Another bundle! You get all of All Hail Megatron and Autocracy for under $9!

So someone released a mod where you can play as the Techies. Although the cosmetics aren't done and you can only do it in

I've come to the very depressing reality that I suck balls at FTL. This one is from Dynamite. I don't know much about Dynamite and none of the books s

Comic books and other entertainment have always tangled. TV and movies, what have you. Some of it was good....and a lot of it

The first one is that Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, etc will no longer require Gold to play. The other? Microsoft is now releas

Humble Bundle is having a digital comic book sale going down. You can get the first volumes of 7 Image indie comics for just

For the longest time I've been thinking about getting a Roku or a Chromecast. But I came to a recent idea that, instead o

Now this is all a bit skeptical and could be fake. So don't get your hopes up but British scientists have supposedly clon

I have followers? What the hell?!
Making a new blog entry.

There was once a time a long time ago where Bleach was, get this, really good. It was fresh, had good battles, a great concept, and a great art style. But to say Bleach has gone downhill would be an understatement. Downhill would be too nice. More like it fell off a cliff. For the forums, Bleach is just a joke factory to make fun of it. So because I'm bored as hell, I'll tell the top 5 fails in Bleach history.

5: Quincy Kills a Man During Sex

This was pretty recent. Showing off his grand knowledge about German names, Bambietta Basterbine, who is part of the Bleacg G-Cup club, kills a guy during sex. She invites a guy in, has sex with him, and then kills him. Yup I really don't have to say much.

4: Aizen's Cocoon Phase

People have given Kubo shit about his minimalism style of drawing. I've never bought in to the hate. I kind of liked the way Bleach looked. Even during The Heart. But this was the moment where I started to shake my head in shame. Have you ever had the moment when you were in school, when you realize
you forgot to do an assignment? Then you do it really quickly to turn it in and do a shitty job? In my head I like to believe this is what Kubo did. After a night of drinking, celebrating how awesome he thinks he is, he wakes up the next day and forgets to draw Aizen's Chrysalis form. So, hangover and all, he draws it. This was the result

3: Basically the Whole Fullbring Arc

Kubo saw that both One Piece and Naruo had time skips. So Kubo thought "I'll do it too! And do it better because I'm Tite *bleep*ing Kubo!" So he ends the threat of Aizen and takes a couple of weeks off. Which I think he spent most of his time partying and drinking. So we come back with....this. It was awful. A God awful return. This arc was actually the time when I stopped reading Bleach for awhile. I eventually returned and read the rest but....this was a breaking point for me.

2: Kenpachi's Trump Trump Card

To some, this may not seem like the biggest deal. But I believe it holds significance because it's a perfect example at how Kubo drops the ball. Like he has a priceless vase in his hands and then drops it on the floor and shatters it. We come to the point where Kenpachi fights the 5th Espada, Nnoitra. After a lengthy battle, they finally decide to stop dicking around and fight at full power. Kenpachi takes off his eye patch, Nnoitra releases his true power. And as it turns out, Nnoitra was winning and could seriously beat Kenpachi. It was good because it showed the threat and power of the Espada. Nnoitra, who was only #5, was beating Kenpachi "Mother *bleep*ing" Zaraki. How dangerous are 1-4? And if Aizen is more powerful than them, then how dangerous is Aizen? This was good. So Kenpachi pulls out his trump trump card. Is it some hidden power? Is it a special technique? No, he just uses two hands. Kendo, to be precise. Just a big failure. And he kills Nnoitra is one hit, thus negating everything I said before.

1: Yammy is the Strongest Espada (But Not Really)

Here it is, Number 1! For me, this was the moment where I finally said "Bleach isn't as good as it once was" May of taken me a bit longer but we all come to the same conclusion eventually. So this here is what I call a "fail onion" with layers and layers of fail. So first layer is that Yammy, the punching bag of the Espada forces, reveals himself to be the weakest Espada. BUT, when he unleashes his power, he is the strongest. The second fail layer is when, get this, his tattoo number changes when the 1 disappears, revealing himself to be Espada Zero. Ugh...the final fail layer is that he really isn't the strongest but maybe jumped from like I dunno....10 to 7? I dunno if Yammy was talking out his ass or if Kubo doesn't understand the powers of his own characters but Yammy was far from the strongest. Yammy eventually fights Kenpachi and Byakuya. They kick his ass so badly that they get bored and start fighting each other. Once Yammy gets pissed he was being ignored, and interrupted the fight, the two captains finally decide to kill him. KUBO'D!

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