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There was once a time a long time ago where Bleach was, get this, really good. It was fresh, had good battles, a great concept, and a great art style. But to say Bleach has gone downhill would be an understatement. Downhill would be too nice. More like it fell off a cliff. For the forums, Bleach is just a joke factory to make fun of it. So because I'm bored as hell, I'll tell the top 5 fails in Bleach history.

5: Quincy Kills a Man During Sex

This was pretty recent. Showing off his grand knowledge about German names, Bambietta Basterbine, who is part of the Bleacg G-Cup club, kills a guy during sex. She invites a guy in, has sex with him, and then kills him. Yup I really don't have to say much.

4: Aizen's Cocoon Phase

People have given Kubo shit about his minimalism style of drawing. I've never bought in to the hate. I kind of liked the way Bleach looked. Even during The Heart. But this was the moment where I started to shake my head in shame. Have you ever had the moment when you were in school, when you realize
you forgot to do an assignment? Then you do it really quickly to turn it in and do a shitty job? In my head I like to believe this is what Kubo did. After a night of drinking, celebrating how awesome he thinks he is, he wakes up the next day and forgets to draw Aizen's Chrysalis form. So, hangover and all, he draws it. This was the result

3: Basically the Whole Fullbring Arc

Kubo saw that both One Piece and Naruo had time skips. So Kubo thought "I'll do it too! And do it better because I'm Tite *bleep*ing Kubo!" So he ends the threat of Aizen and takes a couple of weeks off. Which I think he spent most of his time partying and drinking. So we come back with....this. It was awful. A God awful return. This arc was actually the time when I stopped reading Bleach for awhile. I eventually returned and read the rest but....this was a breaking point for me.

2: Kenpachi's Trump Trump Card

To some, this may not seem like the biggest deal. But I believe it holds significance because it's a perfect example at how Kubo drops the ball. Like he has a priceless vase in his hands and then drops it on the floor and shatters it. We come to the point where Kenpachi fights the 5th Espada, Nnoitra. After a lengthy battle, they finally decide to stop dicking around and fight at full power. Kenpachi takes off his eye patch, Nnoitra releases his true power. And as it turns out, Nnoitra was winning and could seriously beat Kenpachi. It was good because it showed the threat and power of the Espada. Nnoitra, who was only #5, was beating Kenpachi "Mother *bleep*ing" Zaraki. How dangerous are 1-4? And if Aizen is more powerful than them, then how dangerous is Aizen? This was good. So Kenpachi pulls out his trump trump card. Is it some hidden power? Is it a special technique? No, he just uses two hands. Kendo, to be precise. Just a big failure. And he kills Nnoitra is one hit, thus negating everything I said before.

1: Yammy is the Strongest Espada (But Not Really)

Here it is, Number 1! For me, this was the moment where I finally said "Bleach isn't as good as it once was" May of taken me a bit longer but we all come to the same conclusion eventually. So this here is what I call a "fail onion" with layers and layers of fail. So first layer is that Yammy, the punching bag of the Espada forces, reveals himself to be the weakest Espada. BUT, when he unleashes his power, he is the strongest. The second fail layer is when, get this, his tattoo number changes when the 1 disappears, revealing himself to be Espada Zero. Ugh...the final fail layer is that he really isn't the strongest but maybe jumped from like I dunno....10 to 7? I dunno if Yammy was talking out his ass or if Kubo doesn't understand the powers of his own characters but Yammy was far from the strongest. Yammy eventually fights Kenpachi and Byakuya. They kick his ass so badly that they get bored and start fighting each other. Once Yammy gets pissed he was being ignored, and interrupted the fight, the two captains finally decide to kill him. KUBO'D!

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The costume is what makes the superhero. It is a symbol to represent themselves. But many of these people were designed back in the 40s and 50s. Way different times from today. So I'm here to rate the Top 5 best and worst.

Little not to everyone on some rules. I'm doing this before the new 52, as many superheroes have had their uniforms changed. Some had a different costume from when they were introduced but eventually stuck to one design for the rest of their comic book lives. If their costumes have changed a lot, like Cyborg's or Iron Man, then they won't be on this list. Batman is not on this list. He has gone through many costume tweaks and thus does not make this list. One last rule: if they were introduced in the 70s to present (no Wolverine), they don't count either. So let's get to it!

The Best


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There is a story I'd like to tell you all. It's a story about two shows, which are loved by many. They were great shows, which could be watched and loved by people of all ages. This is their beginning and this is their end.

Let us start from the beginning. Greg Weisman is one of the world's best animators when it comes to TV shows. Everything he is involved with is just awesome. He lost his last show, The Spectacular Spider-Man, not to bad ratings but from Disney buying Marvel and thus ending the show. So Greg Weisman moved on and created Young Justice. It was a show that was complex, funny, action packed, and rich. It was so good that I said it was the best DC animated show I've ever seen. And it still is in my eyes. Then there is Green Lantern: TAS. Bruce Timm, known for the massively popular Timmverse he created with shows like Batman: TAS, Superman: TAS, and the Justice League show. He was returning to create a show for Green Lantern, a superhero that was going places. The show was created to heighten Green Lantern along with the movie starring Ryan Reynolds. GL:TAS featured a great spin on the show, introducing great characters like Aya and Razer.

Each show was beloved. Young Justice was the #2 show on Saturday behind Star Wars: The Clone Wars and GL:TAS was just behind Young Justice. Where did it all go wrong?

The first nail in the coffin was the toy lines getting canceled. Toys are very important to kid shows like this. Cheap to make and a lot to charge. Young Justice had the worst of luck of getting their toys made by Mattel, and were shitty and thus no one bought them. GL:TAS actually had a good toy line but no one bought them. The biggest reason for that was the movie being so shitty. It marred the image of Green Lantern and no one wanted to buy their toys. So they were canceled.

But both shows were already ordered a second season, so they were coming no matter what. But there was a sense of dread. You stopped seeing commercials for the shows on CN. Not even a commercial to say when the show was coming back for a Season 2. Young Justice got only a couple of episodes in to Season 2 before it was delayed to work on the next episodes. GL:TAS was getting ready to premiere. They came back a bang. A couple of episodes in to the return, it happened: the delay.

Me and many others woke Saturday morning. I turned on CN and selected "Green Lantern: TAS" and instead of Hal Jordan, I was greeted with Dragons: Riders of Birk and Johnny Test. Out of the blue and so suddenly, CN pulled both Young Justice and GL:TAS for the next year. It happened so suddenly that the TV providers couldn't change the names. To this day, CN has never given a reason as to why they did this. There are theories but one kind of stands out.

A producer from Adventure Time said that, when comedy shows get popular, they get rid of the action shows. The delay's reason was believed to be an attempt to destroy the show. The idea is to delay it and bring it back with no mention, thus hurting the ratings. So when the ratings were bad, it would be justified in canceling it. This is backed up because the exact same thing happened to Thundercats and He-Man. Funny enough, it didn't work. When the delay came, CN forgot to pull the episodes from iTunes. The next day they took them off but not before a shit load of people bought them. Young Justice and GL:TAS became one of the most bought shows of the week. Not the best cartoons or best of the day. The best show of all TV for the entire week. And when the shows came back from the delay, the ratings weren't hurt.

But that didn't stop CN as they announced their list of shows for 2013-2014. Both Young Justice and GL:TAS were not on that list. It is gone. The fan backlash has been, shall we say, strong. If you go to CN's Facebook page, every update they make is filled with people asking for the shows to return. Their twitter is being spammed and here are multiple petitions going on that each range in to the tens of thousands. Will the campaign work? Probably not.

This is just a lesson, a tale if you will about the injustice of the world. A network would get rid of two beloved, much watched shows for no real reason. In the end, nothing good lasts forever. But then again, we kind of wish it would last just a little bit long.

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Venture Brothers is one of those rare shows that I love enough to buy the DVDs for. You may think that isn't all that special but it is! For DVDs are expensive and I am poor. However, the show is more than worth it. The show has a mix of story, continuity, and different types of comedy that you really can't get from Fox's Animation Domination shows. Heck, it is something you can't get from any animated comedy show on TV. The show will be coming back sometime early next year, so I wanted to post what I think are the best episodes!

As it turns out, this was a very hard list to do. There are no bad episodes with this show. And they are usually the same quality. So when you see #1 and #10 , it wasn't a landslide win but it is pretty damn close.

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When I say Prince of Persia, I mean Prince of Persia 2008. Before I go on, let me give you give you a bit of history about the series and about my experience with it. The PoP series came back to life with the game Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. It was a magical game, one that stole the hearts of me and many gamers out there. Combining slick combat, awesome platforming, clever puzzles, and the ability to manipulate time, the game quickly became a success. The story followed the Prince and his companion Farah, who both trying to stop the villain who has unleashed the Sand's of Time upon the world.

The popularity grew with it's sequel, Warrior Within. Warrior Within was a much darker game than the first, featuring a prince that was rough, edgy, and a bit more brutal. It takes place seven years later and shows the repercussions of the Prince's exposure to the Sands and what he did in the first game. The whole game took place not in Persia but an island where the Sands first originated. The game remained the same to it's core, and featured some cool gameplay moments like being chased by the dreaded The Dahaka, a guy you simple cannot kill. Only thing you can do is run in terror.

Finally, the trilogy ended with The Twin Thrones, a game that combined the light hearted, whimsical tone of the first game with the edgy darkness of the second. Twin Thrones goes full circle, as it returns the Prince back to Persia to fight the villain from Sands of Time. This time the game shows the physical side effects of exposure to the Sands, as the Prince developed a dark alter ego, who you could play as!

Each game I loved and played the crap out of. These three games all happened on the Xbox and PS2, with the Two Thrones being released towards the end of the Xbox's life. With the Two Thrones rapping up the story nicely, Ubisoft decided to reboot the franchise for the next generation. So in 2008, Ubisoft released the rebooted titled simply called Prince of Persia.

This game featured a Prince (voiced by Nolan North) who wasn't actually a prince but a thief and a wanderer. The Prince is teamed up with the elegant Elika (voiced by Kari Wahlgren), a woman who wield's the power of magic. The story involves a land that is corrupted by an evil force, slowly being consumed by darkness. The Prince and Elika race to stop it, while trying to get along with each other. Prince and Elika were the staple in combat, with one being able to do physical attacks with a sword (Prince), one with magic (Elika) and acrobatic (together). You could combine these in to any combination, thus making fights look different each time. But the main staple is the platforming and puzzles, which I'm happy to proclaim is not just intact but better than ever.

In many ways, Prince of Persia tried to make things simple, rather than complicate them. While the combat I described could be a bit complicated, the fights were always one on one. You never fought a room of enemies like you did with the first game. The story was simple, with the basic plot of boy meets girls, there is an overwhelming evil and it needs to be stopped, blah blah blah. Funny enough, there were almost no other characters in the game. Even the villain didn't have a real personality. In fact, 95% of the game was just Elika and the Prince. The visuals were simplified, compared to trying to boost the graphics with detail. But I will get to that later. What of the platforming? The platforming became less freestyle and became a bit more streamlined. But that didn't mean you couldn't fail. Finally, the game decided to remove the time powers, being the first in a very long time. Instead the mechanic was replaced with Elika's magic.

While the game was still the same at it's core, many people thought the game was a major step back. In each PoP game for the Xbox and PS2, the game got more and more complicated. Combat, visuals, and even the story became more complicated with each game. There were some hurt PoP fans out there and many of them just couldn't get in to this new PoP.

But it is with great sadness that I state what I think the game will be remembered for one thing: the inability to die. You see, Elika was able to use magic to pull off some incredible stuff. And one of the ways she used her magic was to save the Prince's life. Say you fell off a ledge to your death in Sands of Time. You'd use your powers to rewind what just happened. If you were out of sand, you'd die and reload at the last checkpoint. But with Prince of Persia, Elika always saved you and brought you back to the beginning of the ledge or the start of the string of platforming. You literally would fall off and a cinematic would start up of her catching your hand. Even against enemies, she would save you.

This feature was probably the most disliked by fans. Simply put, the game babied you. And not just fans, but the gaming media as well. I've read articles from gaming websites to this day that still reference that mechanic. And to tell you the truth? It is a feature I still don't fully agree with. Death keeps us on edge. Why be on our guard when we got magic woman to save us? It didn't bother me as much, though. I think of it like this: in Sands of Time, you fall of a ledge and "die", you go back to a certain point. Same thing here, except you never "died". You were "rescued". Is there that much of a difference?

And I love the game. But I will admit I was a little...bitter about the game at first. I was a big fan of the Sands of Time trilogy and this was kind of an outrage. But as I continue to play the game, I fell in love. In my mind, simplifying some aspects of the game was for the best. It was still PoP at it's core and in some ways the simple nature helped to get back to the roots of why we loved those mechanics.

What was once thrashing a whole room of baddies became a one-on-one choreographed fight. It made fights more personal when it was one-on-one. The simple story, combined with great voice acting and even greater dialogue, got me emotionally invested in the Prince and Elika. And seeing what happens with them was my drive to find out what happens to them. I could care less about the land being consumed by an evil force.

However, one of the best things about this game was the visuals. They were amazing. It is probably one of the best uses of cell shading I've seen so far. it wasn't just the graphics but it was the overall design of the environment and characters. The game was colorful, beautiful, bright, dark, and stunning, all without being demanding on hardware. I would go as far as to save it is one of my favorite graphics in any game I've played. Top 5, at the least.

So what happened? Why no sequel? The game did well in the financial and critical department for the most part. Well a couple of things happened. The first big thing is Hollywood. Disney was making a Prince of Persia movie, which I personally loved. It did okay critically and financially but didn't make a big impression. The movie kind of caused Ubisoft to go back to the Sands of Time formula and with the sequel The Forgotten Sands. Secondly, while there are many of us who embraced the new style, many people didn't feel the same way. So this was an attempt to going back to a know working method. I'll let you in on a dirty secret: I haven't played the the Forgotten Sands. Not even for a second. I've read about it and seen videos. What I saw was a PoP of the past and to me it was a step backwards. It also took place in the Sands of Time trilogy, thus acting as a big ass pimple on the forehead of a supermodel's face. I probably will never play that game.

We pop forward to today, and things look more and more dim of there being a sequel. Ubisoft seems pretty content on focusing it's time and attention on the guaranteed money bag franchise games like Assassin Creed, Splinter Cell, and other Tom Clancy titles. There hasn't been a lot of words on the Prince of Persia franchise altogether. Some talk has happened but some of it has been about a whole new reboot altogether. So the 2008 Prince of Persia will probably never get a sequel. The cliff hanger of an ending will never be concluded.

In some way, I can live with that. While I would love a sequel, I can live with the game being a moment in time. A game in the generation of the 360 and PS3 that stood out from the rest for what it did right or what it did wrong. A game that can be an example of something unique that may influence other games. A game that wasn't perfect but was perfect for me.

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There is a bit of a confusion or lack of reading when it came to my last list. I wrote that THESE ARE MY OPINIONS AND EXPERIENCES. So when the inevitable "Where is [insert name]" comes up, you need to understand that I either hated the show or don't watch it. Yes, I don't watch Simpsons. Just never got in to it. So, with further ado, here is the list.

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Okay, so let me get this straight here: these are things that I found very sad. So for all you people who will post "What about Aerith's death?!" or "What about The Boss dying in MGS3?" I've never played FF7 and I'm not connected to MGS as many people. Oh I know about them but it would feel like a huge lie to myself to put these on the list when they don't really mean anything to me. Does that make them better or worse? Not at all. If there are things I've missed, please remember this is stuff I've experienced. So lets get on with the list: and remember there are spoilers.

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Before we begin, let me explain the rules. Okay there is only one rule and that is one character per show. So let it begin!@

other tv and shows

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So I've decided to start a new segment called Darknet's can read the title. It is essentially my attempt, and hopefully a successful one, to be funny when it comes to my gaming experiences. So hopefully I will get the hang of it and you all enjoy. Let it begin.

For a quick intro, my character on Skyrim is an all Mage high elf. I am currently level 22.

Killing Bitches

Before I got off last time, I ended up getting a quest from a child named Aventius. Walked in on him performing what looked to be a satanic ritual. Kids these days...He wanted me to kill a lady called Grelod the Kind because she is a bad person. I thought to myself "Sure, I love killing people for children who may or may not deserve it". I decided to play along and went to Riften to check this out. In a situation that could only happen in an Elder Scroll's game, I got stopped by a guy named Maul, whose voice is the same as 50 other people in this game. He told me leave the Black Briars alone. WAY TO BE SUBTLE, ELDER SCROLLS! Then I helped some black dude pay off his debts because I'm that kind of person.

After entering the orphanage, I wondered if I would get in trouble for even killing an old lady. After hearing her depressing and awful pep talk to the orphans, I said *bleep* it. So I shot a Fireball to the back of her head. Then I robbed her corpse. The kids cheered and I was a hero! I ran outside and was afraid I was gonna get arrested. I wasn't arrested and no one seemed to give a *bleep*.

I Had a (Bad) Dream!

I went to Dawnstar to take care of some the backlog of quests I have. Apparently they were having nightmares. Oh boo hoo. Walked in to an inn to follow some bearded dude. Sat there and watched a woman (badly) sing a song while an old lady stood next to me and tell me stories about how all her children left an her husband died. It was awkward. After the people at the inn gave a Joker clap to the bad singer, we were off to deal with these nightmares as the creepy bearded man told me to follow him.

Oh and there was a dragon attacking some people at Riften. Decided nightmares were more important than dragons. I'm sure they will be ok....right? As this thought came to mind, the dragon landed in front of us and proceeded to attack my guide. Not me, my guide. What?! I'm not good enough for you, dragon? Needless to say, this dragon was an asshole. I killed the Blood Dragon because he was too busy NOT GIVING A *bleep* ABOUT ME!


As if not to make this game any more random, I get a note from the Dark Brotherhood RIGHT AFTER THE DAMN DRAGON BATTLE. So I took the dragon loot and was too heavy. I went to the nearest place to stash the bones and crap because I was too heavy. I won't go in to details but I got arrested by the Dawnstar guards.

After a night in prison I continued to follow my guide, who was really slow. Painfully sloooooooooooow. After arriving at the fort, which is literally 300 yards away from the town, I'm told of the story behind this place. The place was raided by orcs, the priests in the building put everyone to sleep with a gas named Misama. The gas slowed down the aging process and caused their minds to become damaged and savage. Well that sucks for me.

Blah blah blah we need to find a book. What? You mean this big pretty book sitting on this big pedestal? After laughing at him when he flips through the book with an axe in his hand, we I need to take a potion to allow me to enter dreams. So I gotta be a guinea pig for a dangerous, experimental potion? I hate this guy. I take the potion and wonder if I took a magical potion or LSD. Blah blah blah we finally get to the skull.

When my slow companion turns off the barrier, the skull speaks to me and tells me to kill Erandur. She (and she sounds like Glados) tells me Erandur will turn on me afterwards. I almost did it if not for the last words "I command you to do it."


No one commands me! And if he tried to kill me, I'll kill him. Erandur is a punk ass bitch. I step aside and let him destroy the skull and it dies. Command that! So I expect something in return. Well he can't give me anything because he is a poor priest. So he decides to offer help at any time. Great because your as useful as using a tissue paper during a bull fight.

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So I made a list for DC. Why not Marvel?

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Shows like Spiderman and X-Men will always stay in my heart. I love those shows. But if you were to ask me which company between Marvel and DC has had the strongest backing behind their animated universe in the recent years, it would be DC. And it makes sense. You make money from a show like that but it's also a good way to get people in to your comics. It is DC animated shows that ended up becoming my base knowledge for me in everything DC comics and could be the reason why I buy their comics today (besides the new 52 thing). So I felt it would be a good idea to rank the best of the DC animated shows.

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Kid's movies today are pussies. Years ago, kids movies would always created a wonderful movie experience but would always have WTF moments. It was almost a fact that Disney wanted to scare their kids a little bit. Nowadays kids are cradled and taken care of. So I'm here to point out the best of the best.

5. Willy Wonka's Magical Boat Ride

It's a kids movie about a poor boy who ends up winning a ticket to get a tour of a magical chocolate factory. In the end he gains control of that factory. A pretty good premise for a kid. Well there was one instant where the movie turned everything on it's head and then put it back together. The tourist and their parents get on a boat that floats down a chocolate river. Well going down the river, you are suddenly sucked in to a trippy, horrifying scene where everyone starts freaking out and Willy Wonka talks like a psycho. The whole thing was like taking shrooms and the shrooms turn on you. What made this more confusing is that there was nothing messed up in the show before and after this point. You go through a light hearted movie, get weirded the *bleep* out, and then everything is back to normal.

4. Pee Wee and Large Marge

Pee-wee's playhouse was always kind of messed up. it was a quirky, silly kids show but on the surface you could tell something was wrong. And you could never put your finger on what was so messed up with it. Like you would completely expect Pee Wee just to slit the King of Cartoon's neck at any second. But he wouldn't. Maybe it was because it was trying to be something it wasn't. Even Penny the claymation girl creeped me out. So Pee Wee made the big screen with Pee Wee's Big Adventure. And it was directed by Tim Burton. Yeah...

One scene involves Large Marge. On Pee-wee's journey to find his bike, he ends up getting a ride with a trucker. Almost instantly it is made clear that something is wrong. As you continue to sit there and watch Pee-wee and Large Marge, the tension starts to grow and grow. Eventually Marge's face turns claymation and scares the shit out of Pee-wee and every child watching the movie. To this day I still don't understand the point of that outside of scaring kids.

3. Christopher Lloyd Goes Insane

It is hard to imagine Christopher Lloyd playing an evil man after his Back to the Future films. But you could tell that Chrisopher Lloyd's character Judge Doom was a bad bad guy. I mean his name has the word Doom in it. Earlier in the movie he kills a cartoon shoe by essentially boiling the poor thing alive. Well Judge Doom doesn't go off till the ending. And everything at the ending battle with him is messed up. The first is the man is rolled over by a steamroller. Can't emphasis how messed up it is to watch a real human get rolled over by a steamroller in a kids movie. After he is flatten and his screams of pain end, he gets up. This flatten man gets up and starts walking. If you haven't shit yourself at that point, the next point will. Judge Doom's fake eyes pop out.

And they reveal these evil red cartoon eyes. Next he starts talking to Eddie Valiant as his voice slowly goes to a high pitched psycho voice. That is the point where I started to cry as a kid. Throughout the rest of the fight, he continues to attack Eddie using knives and saw blades. He is finally being melted. In the end all that is left is a pile of skin and blood.

2. The whole Transformer movie

The Transformers movie acted as a turning point for the series as a whole. The creators wanted to replace the entire cast with newer people. This was primarily done to promote new toy sales. So how do you get rid of an entire cast of Transformers and replace them with new ones? Why you kill them all, of course.

If you watched this whole show as a kid, you grew up with these guys. Optimus, Iron Hide, Prowl, Jazz etc... The show was very kid friendly. Then the movie came out and took our love and crushed it like a fat man sitting on a weak chair. We all know about Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots, dying. It is an iconic scene. No what I'm here to do is to bring to light the other messed up crap in this movie.

The first couple of things is the death of some of your favorite Transformers. The first deaths are Ironhide and Prowl. Seems odd that the Decepticons took care of something in the first 20 mins in what they've been trying to do throughout the entire show. So first is Prowl, who is shot up so much that smoke pours out his eyes and mouth. Next is Ironhide (my favorite Transformer) who is blasted in the face and killed by Megatron as he tries to impossibly stop Megatron. It is off screen, but still...

Then you have the deaths of other people who you don't know. One guy is killed by being eaten alive by mechanical piranas. Other Transformers are melted in a vat of acid while they scream in agony. And to top it all off, Spike ended up yelling the word "shit".

1. Artax Dies

Seemed like a no brainer. So I'm gonna break this down for you all.

The first part of this being messed up is that it hits us personally. Artax, the horse of Atreyu, dies. I'm sure nearly all of us has or had a pet. To see a pet like him die can make you think of your own pet's dying. And that hits you very hard. The next thing is the fact that it is a very slow death. it's not like with Argo in Shadow of the Colossus where he falls off a cliff. No, Artax slowly goes down to the bottom of the swamp. And then take in to account that Atreyu is going completely apeshit while all of this is going on. It's so messed up and soul crushing that I can't fully describe it.


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There is nothing better than playing a video game with friends. It is something me and my friends will buy for the experience alone. I will admit that me and my friends look like idiots when playing together but it's so much fun to the point that we find it hard to play alone afterwards. 2011 is looking to release some incredible co-op games like Portal 2, Bulletstorm, and Hunted: The Demon Forge. One stipulation is that I didn't include arcade games. So here is a list of the best co-op far.






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I like to watch anime but I don't really consider myself a mega fan like the people in the Anime forum. That is why the key word in this list is "I've". But from what I've seen, animes goes in to all types of extremes. While there are some that hold you hand throughout the entire plot, there are some that tend to not hold your hand at all. And those can get pretty crazy. So here is a list of the 4 animes that were the most confusing. And there are no spoilers.

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