Need about 8 Pokemon gen'd. I'll be doing a 2;1 trade (1 KB Pokemon for 2 PokeGen'd Pokemon) since that's wh

I need better internet, I always disconnect when I go on battle spot lol.
I regret going back on the anime forums after a year, idiots everywhere.
I must find more good manga to read >:L.
Mahou Sensei Negima, HORRIBLE ENDING :(.
Found a good manga, and it only has 13 chapters *facepalm*.
Tired of reading shitty manga.

As the title says. If so, how would I get Unburden in the first place?

What the title says. I actually need about 26 Pokemon PokeGen'd and I offer 1 Pokemon for 4 PokeGen'd Pokemon or Zyg

Not sure if anyone else has this problem but screw it. I always have my XB1/XB360 settings on 1080p but here's the fun p

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