Hey Dark! Thanks for being such a great friend. Neo wouldn't be the same without you. Wow, I can't believe that my first year on Neo is coming to an end... it's been so amazing. Anyway, here's a stamp!

Thanks for being my friend, Dark!

Hey Darklion! Coming into stamp at your request! Oh, And a friend of mine Wants to say something, You may know him.

Hey Lion. Its Megacoolstar From Scania. How've you been? Finally forgotten about the Sauna robe thing? I've been doing fine, Raising a Dit in Bera with Quick Draw here.
So, As a result Of his Graphic prowess, He came up with this stamp:

Its QD talking now. See ya around!

I just thought I'd let Mr. Kitty pop in and say hello. He's seen you around the forum and thinks you're pretty cool.
Hi! ^__^
Hi Dark! I am on a stamping spree with my new stamp!

Hope you like it! ^^

( .. )

Hi there Darklion! I'm on a stamping spree with my new stamp!

i'm on a signing spree soooo... here. kthxbai


btw i'm only signing this cuz i'm on a spree n00b lol
Hi! I just discovered guestbooks so I want to sign yours. Yeah... hi! Hi! Hi! And Hi! So... yeah, I like Rune Factory, as you know. And I don't have more to say, so hi!

MPH and Halo for teh WWOOOOOOOORRLD!!!!!!!
Uh... I've just decided to go around signing guestbooks of people I know. So, uh... here's a signature!

Still LOVIN Cats!!!
Hey, thanks for the PMs on that subject (I think you know what I'm talking about). I understand a lot better. I little odd to be talking to someone on the internet about that stuff though. Rofl. Cya around the forums!

Hi my names blaine from indana I get called slayer from my friends because i "Slay" Hacker where they stand I have a hack even they cant block and do you want to be friends Sorry for the mix up Blaine
Hello, you are the sixth person to be signed by mwah! This is my random person guest boojk signing fest! You win this wonderful prize!

There ye go!