Boo DarkkTrainerr
May 29, 08 9:27am
All my friendlings are getting stamped, and you're a friend! Woop!

You got the Blaziken one! Woop!
Ratchet200 DarkkTrainerr
Aug 20, 07 2:14am
Well, since you signed my Guestbook, I thought I'd return the favor.

Unfortunatly, I don't have a stamp of my own, so this is gonna be kind of empty, but... Anyway, your welcome; I don't mind helping out with things like role-plays; anything to deal with other... er... 'pests.'

Razma390 DarkkTrainerr
Aug 19, 07 10:31pm
BOOO YA I just stamped you what now!

This has been a razma390 stamp

BOO YA!!!!!!!111 boo ya boo ya

trycicles are fun to play with but not to eat

m&ms and skittles look the same but taste differant

Lamb chos are not baby sheep cutting wood

I cant beleave its not butter is butter and we all know it

If you live by a picke factory you will smell pickles
Azn_Applecake DarkkTrainerr
Oct 9, 06 7:20pm
In light of the holiday of Thanksgiving, I'm going on a Signing Spree...

sign back!

Hawk DarkkTrainerr
Sep 18, 06 1:37am
Hello. I find myself in a guestbook signing mood. Although, since we've been in that RP together for about six months, I'm surprised I haven't been here already... Anyway, that's the exact reason I'm here. Six months. That's almost seven months!

See you in the RP, and uh... stuff.
MrRandomletters DarkkTrainerr
Aug 1, 06 8:17am
Yo i thought id sign since were both in Knightmares RPG. well anyway Hi If you wanna be freinds PM Me.
candieappo DarkkTrainerr
May 26, 06 11:57pm
heyy.. I have seen you around in the Pokemon forums lately and you seem like pretty cool guy.. ^^
Manyulax DarkkTrainerr
May 23, 06 3:45am

Hey hey hey! I've seen you around the forums (Like in the sprite makers contest *wink* *wink*) so I decided to sign your guestbook
EM876N83tw DarkkTrainerr
Mar 25, 06 10:18pm
greeting i hope we can be neo-friends here is a cool picture of absol