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Welcome everyone to my new and improved NeoHome! It's quite a big change from what I previously had up here (about 200 sadistic smilies brainwashing people into signing my Guestbook). I'll be updating this with more information shortly, so stay tuned everybody!

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Name: Matt Schiavo
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Location: Woonyville
Occupation: Student

Interests: Well let's see...I love computers and I love art. Therefore, I like making art on computers. While most of my digital artwork consists of simple things like banners and avatars, I also create scenes and characters as if I would on regular paper. If you'd like to see some of my work, just scroll down a bit and find my Digital Portfolio in the Links section.

I also enjoy writing - usually short stories. Occasionally I write poetry as well, although they're usually so cryptic and metaphorical that only a scholar could understand them. XD As with my artwork, you can also find a link to my poetry in the - you guessed it - Links section.

As you may have guessed from the layout, yes I play videogames. For a while, they were literally my life. I've learned through the years though that there are other things in this world, such as socializing and sunlight. XD But I fear my compulsive yearning to play videogames will be revitalized with the advent of Xbox 360 (and later PS3). =P

Since there really isn't enough room to keep dedicating a paragraph to each of my interests, I'll just sum the rest up here. I like to listen to/play music, I watch TV religiously, I read, I study stuff like astronomy and psychology even though I'll never make a career out of them, I play football, I like to dance, and I enjoy eWindow shopping for stuff I know I'll never own. -_-

Biography: Well, first I was born. At the moment, I am living (unless life is one big illusion). And some day in the future, probably very soon knowing my luck, I will die. That's about it.

Honestly, my life is too depressing - you don't want to know any more. =/

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Here are some pictures of me, click on the thumbnails to view them:

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» Digital Portfolio

» My Poetry

» Ze Sexcellence

» Tribute Videos

» Spiras Destiny

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