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Sep 2, 11 7:42pm


Last week I left the Odeon disappointed & frustrated at the, recently released, Inbetweeners Movie. It was so cheesy, full of predictable jokes & unfunny gags. I was surprised people where laughing (more evidence that the general public are idiots). Jay was his usual dick-ish self which wore thin over the hour & a half. His ignorance to the, slightly heavy, love interest made him seem even more of a twat. Neil was borderline retarded & ridiculous, A hell of a step down from his idiocy from the TV series. I am still confused about his relationships though. Did he & Donna split before he left or was it just a ploy to dry hump his female opposite? Will, I didn't mind too much. He was awkward, as always, which I kind of relate to (That's may be why I can tolerate this character some what). Finally we come to Simon. Simon was one-of-two reason I was angry. He was constantly chasing after Carli (Who, like Kirsten Steward, only has one expression) and avoiding a much cuter girl who was actually interested in him. I realise that it was meant to give the film tension, but seriously? It was taken too far & I found myself nearly shouting "For *bleep* sake!" (although it was still audible by about three seat radius) as he leaves Lucy to have a dull chat with Carli. Toward the end, the penny finally drops (Damn well took long enough) & after an adventure that seems as though could have been put into a 45 minute episode, the quadruple return home. Greeted by their families & their own girlfriends which complement their personalities. (If only real life was like this, I wouldn't be writing this right now otherwise) the snooze-fest ends.

So I guess you could say I disliked the movie. I did, but I want to like it. You see, I'm a huge fan of the TV series. I've watched it since it first appeared back in May '08. It was hilarious. Funny gags, likable moments & full of quotes you could transfer into some real life mishaps. I was devastated when I heard Season 3 would be the end. Soon after though my hopes where raised again to see the gang up on the silver screen, which where blown apart by actually watching it (the second half of my anger). The series was so good but produced a shit-pile of a movie. I comedy style of the movie is very different to the style in the series. The movie mostly of drunken exploits & the series more of a subtle sit-com. I believe the movie was dumbed down so that it could spread over to a wider fan-base thus making it more popular. By combining die-hard fans of the groups previous outings & Cinema goers with a love for The Hangoverit became the highest grossing British comedy. Which I personally think is undeserving.

So, in conclusion, I'm classing this as what St. Anger was to Metallica's discography. A write-off.

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