Would anyone like to have a conversation?
I have two dreams to accomplish
April Fools day is a joke. (No pun intended)

Nothing more than a broken man starring death in the face. All my mistakes have got a hold on me again. Here we go. Another day, another fork in the road. I never know who to trust. Will someone just tell me which way to go?
Come back to me love, I forgive you. Oh how I've missed you! Just know every time you run I'll be right here waiting.
I truly regret what I did...
I'm 17 and I feel the same
Holy shit my birthday is next week
A Reason To Deceive
Music is what keeps me going...
Push your care, push your burdens aside. Erase everything inside and leave just one thing on your mind.
You Call that a Knife? This is a Knife!
And as the sun rises, I'm faced with these choices. And it's always up to me, They won't destroy my dreams.
I fell in love with The Walking Dead
I'm going to get into The Walking Dead.
I can't decide If I love it or hate it. Now it's a part of me. Warmer now, I feel you within me. It keeps creeping deeper.
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