Phantasma Thanatos
Temporary band geek
Joined the drumline at school because why the hell not?

I'm getting a new phone and I was wondering which one I should get... Help?

Samsung Galaxy S5 or iPhone 6? Hmmm...
First day of Senior year of high school

So today I went to get a haircut and I noticed that the barber messed up.

I got nominated for the ALS Ice bucket challenge. Well then...

Like the title says, what is your hair and eye color? My hair and eyes are both brown.

Am I just holding onto memories, the perfect pieces of my past? I never thought I'd be the one to say that dreams don't always last
So you think you can get rid of me? I'll place you at the head of this dynasty. I am the reason you're alive.
*Awaits Pokemon D/P/Pt remake*
I have found a piece of my happiness. *bleep* yes
We're fighting to the last driven by your hate. Awoken us, no one will surrender. A storm will break the silence.
I'm killing time while time slowly kill us. We'll always wish we didn't waste away, away the days.
Crawling from hell, falling from grace, and there is nothing left to take
I am a walking revival. Nothing will stand in my way. I am a walking revival.There will be hell to pay. Here comes the pain!
Should I bring back my Pokemon Clan?
Hide and seek. A sick game of destiny. And this round you will never win (You know you'll never find him)
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