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Got MH Tri this week and i will post my info next post. :) I need help with barroth. I know i'm a noob. Post here if you like my chemical romance. I'm asking this cuz my friend says no one listens to them. :( I like them alot so that was just heart breaking...

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Well my birthday is on friday, and i'm excited for it. I'm going to be getting an I-Pod shuffle, the one that has a touch screen. And what's sorta creepy is that my sister could give birth on my birthday. Wierd, right? And i have made the Blue Ogre Sword in MHFU. It's awesome. :p

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Sorry for posting twice but i have two stories. The next one involves dogs, me, a metal bedframe, and socks. It begins with me running around playing with my dog. I was wearing socks on tile so it wasn't working traction wise. So i slip and slam face first into my metal bedframe. This happened just an hour ago too so my eye is killing me. :(


Well the title explains this whole post. First, at the book fair i was working (read my first blog post) had alot of seventh graders. Now, it's a special night called game night with WII and other various games. The seventh graders thought that causing trouble at my station is fun. So, i gave them 3 warnings to follow my rules... by the 3rd strike i had kicked them from the book fair. Now they were told they cannot come back. 30 minuteslater they're back. They were kicked5 timesbefore the end of the night.


Well, today I have alot of things to do this week. Algebra homework, English class poetry project, Science projects, chores (as usual), and i'm working the school book-fair. So lately i've been really trying to come on Neo as much as possible. Still have to read Inkheart by the end of the week... i'm on page 33. I have a long way to go and trying to find time to read at all is like stuffing a blue whale in a school bus full of chidren, it just doesn't work. Wish me luck. :)

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