And may you leave all your troubles behind! Lean forward not back! ^.^
Well, i havent signed your guestbook for a while or spoken to you for a while now that i mention it...Bad Breezy! anyway, stampy stampy ( as you can see i like red and black atm )

Lolz, thanks man! And you too, awesome convo's anyway, i havent made myself a stamp yet...but thats not important when i do, you'll be the first one i priveledge with it!

lol, thats the first stamp ive ever made or given out... you had better feel honoured
Hey man, It's been a while and I dunno if you still post here but ... whatever.

So yeah, my laptop - finally fixed, took toshiba long enough. Bastards.

Anyway, I'd give you a stamp but ... I cba XD

C ya round man!

Thanks for signing my guestbook, in return i grant you one sexy stamp

Just passing through...

I don't want grape juice, I want grape drink! It's purple!

Water + Sugar + Purple = Grape drink.
It's been too long since we last signed each other's Guestbooks. Almost a year now, wow.
I imagine/hope we've both matured a great deal since then, so here's a *cough* mature stamp, by Me, ZaZ. Cya round!

OK im just signing cuz u have a picture of Monster hunter and thats like my favorite game so... Ok and your picture rocks!!!!!!
yo im signin ur gb cuz it looks like u dont have many ppl that signed. no offense.....u still probly got more friends than me....and a life lol. ever since monster ive lost everything but my mhf bud. catchya l8r!
im sighnin yo guest book so u betta sign mine k
catcha later /// im out /// PEACE!!(scratch that EXPLOSIONS ALL THE WAY!!!!! BOOM!!!)
i havent checked my neoseeker since January, so i checked my guestbook and saw u signed it, so betta late then never..............pCe
hey there darkhound, im siging your guestbook because im generous and i fell like it
you've been stamped by the one and only ..

PLZ SIGN MINE AND LETS BE NEOFRIENDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!