Aug 12, 13 12:08am
Sailing, sailing. Out in the ocean blue...
DarkHelba shared a news (@bluexy)
Mar 9, 13 6:03pm


Mass Effect 3's upcoming, and potentially final, DLC release has received another trailer that should cause...

DarkHelba shared a news (@bluexy)
Feb 9, 13 8:31pm


Apparently when we last heard that Dreamfall Chapters was definitely being made, it was only sort of definitely...

DarkHelba shared a news (@RabidChinaGirl)
Jan 4, 13 9:45pm


If we've learned anything about the Japanese game industry by now, it's that they can and will turn...

DarkHelba shared a news (@chautemoc)
Nov 22, 12 1:35pm


A demo for Ninja Theory's DmC aka Devil May Cry is now available to download on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation...

DarkHelba shared a news (@cromagdude)
Nov 22, 12 1:30pm


BioWare is asking fans a lot of questions about the next Mass Effect game, and executive producer Casey Hudson...

Jul 23, 12 2:42pm
One of my favovite games ever! Hompfully this will push for a true sequal starring our beloved Ammy! OkamiHD
Jul 23, 12 2:16pm
Que sera, sera
DarkHelba shared a news (@Reenee)
Dec 19, 11 9:34pm


The latest Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance trailer reveals quite a bit of new information, including Sora...


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