DarkAngelsRhapsody blogged
Mar 27, 09 2:15pm

Another Friday!

How can I hate this feeling?
I ask myself, why it feels so strange to me.
This feeling of love.
Is it because, I've spent all my time loving.
And being hurt that I only felt the hurt.
Or is it now.
That I finally realize that I feel love.
Or is this bewitching me?
Is this a trick to drop my guard.

To love.. I know it is to hurt.
I am aware of all that I have sacrificed.
All the tears I've cried for the sake of love.
To the point of dehydration I have cried.
My tears no longer taste of salt.

So now this feeling.
My love.
I only wonder what will you bludgeon me with this time.
As I am already wounded.
Already weeping.
I wish not to hurt on this day.
This day but another Friday.

My heart has no more room for your arrows.
It is full already with cupids quiver.
This feeling is enough to rip me apart.

To love.. I know it is to hurt.
And for you my love I would gladly hurt.
But I will not gladly love.
Because to love you.
Truly hurts.


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kspiess Mar 27, 09
Don't worry. Once you had your heart smashed enough times you'll stop feeling anything at all! Hang in there -- it seems like you are almost there to me.
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DarkAngelsRhapsody Mar 30, 09
thank you very much.
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