DarkAngelsRhapsody blogged
Mar 24, 09 11:07pm

Yea another TrainWreck

My life is full of train wrecks. Mostly because I like to get pissed off and cause them. Relationships and me don't go together. And lately nothing in my life and me are going together.

So as I am walking away from this soon to be epic explosion of turmoil I wonder what in the hell inspired me to wreck this train in the first place.

I don't know. All I can say is I'm sick in the head. And I'm not getting much worse..

I am sure there are times when my boyfriends wonder if I like to shove tnt up their ass for fun and watch them explode. Well maybe.

Something about pissing them off so much they feel bad about being pissed off..

But it's kinda exhausting for me. I'm sorta sick of being a girlfriend. I just kinda wanna be a friend with benefits.

But then..me and sex.. are the closest of friends.

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kik36 Mar 24, 09
Friends with benefits is always nice........as long as you don't glorify it to yourself, and recognize what it truly is. It might give you the opportunity to find what you really want (or don't want) out of a relationship.
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kspiess Mar 24, 09
Well at least you aren't sorta normal.

Sorta normal people are awful.
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DarkAngelsRhapsody Mar 25, 09
Haha, I can totally agree with you there
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