Dark-light wielder
Nov 6, 11 6:07pm
Follow your heart. As long as it doesn't kill anything innocent, it can still be good.
Dark-light wielder
Oct 21, 11 6:55am
Well, if one has suffered from bullying for oh say.. TEN FREAKIN YEARS(!), I think we can say we've suffered purgatory.
Dark-light wielder
Oct 14, 11 4:22am
I follow my heart. It will always guide me to the truth, even when my gut is dead wrong.
Dark-light wielder
Jul 15, 11 11:07am
Hoping that I'll get a social opertunity on here. And wondering how to do all the yadda yadda that people can do on their profile pages.
Dark-light wielder
Jun 2, 11 3:18pm
Who's there?
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