RC Cola King Dark Wolf
Jun 27, 09 12:09am

Mark you are epic and awesome so I shalt sign. And your really cool too.

Soul13eateR Dark Wolf
May 14, 09 2:37am
I warned you about being a wimp...


Here's your stamp. See ya around dude!
PhantomRider Dark Wolf
May 11, 09 9:06am
Hey Mark,You're Awesome. ;D
I Haven't Signed Your Guestbook For a While So....

Take Care! ^^
NextHanna Dark Wolf
May 10, 09 11:38pm
I gots a new stamp! Skitty_2009 made it!

NextHanna Dark Wolf
Apr 19, 09 3:14am
Hey there Mark! Thannk you for being a good friend! Oh, and BTW, you were...

=D! Come and sign mine!
PhantomRider Dark Wolf
Mar 18, 09 9:45am
<3 Hey Mark,You are Totally Awesome!XD,I'm glad you wanted me to be your Neo-GF!You are really Sweet too!XD Your.....Friend Alexis..?XD
Soul13eateR Dark Wolf
Feb 12, 09 3:29am
Since you're going Skiing on Friday, BYE!
(BTW cheer Patrick up since he has to share a room with Karl )

PhantomRider Dark Wolf
Feb 11, 09 2:54am
Thanks Mark for adding me to your Neo-Family,You are a good Neo-Friend!Your friend Alexis!
PhantomRider Dark Wolf
Jan 22, 09 12:24pm
Dark wolf you are cool so I wanted to sign your guestbook.Your Friend Alexis!
Soul13eateR Dark Wolf
Jan 10, 09 3:21am
What's up dude?
1st stamp, you should be honoured!