Dark Wolf blogged
Aug 21, 09 2:27am

So this is it ive had an amazing time on neo but ive watched as loads of people have left including my two irl friends. Also ive been having less and less time and neo has caused some problems for me so this all ultimately leads to goodbye so thanks everyone for making it an amazing time.

Dark Wolf blogged
Apr 19, 09 9:35pm

This Easter was cool because:
1. I went to London and saw a load of my friends we got bored and decided to get a load of chairs and go into the Tate modern and stare at a blank wall which didn't go down too well with the staff there and we totally invaded Pizza Express yayz XD!
2. Chocolate!! Yummy I got this chilli easter egg and I ate it without realising I therefore gave my family hysterics. (it was pretty funny)
3. I went to Suffolk and me and my brother went crabbing and caught some cool crabs like a blue and white one 8D.
So what did you do during the easter holidays?

I dedicate this blog to PhantomRider because our neo relationship has gone on for a month!! yayz

Dark Wolf blogged
Mar 3, 09 2:27am

Okayokay i guess the big i quit neo thing was an act that i did stupidly. I was very depressed and decided that i quit everything so no i havent quit and sorry to all.

Dark Wolf blogged
Feb 22, 09 10:08pm

Skiing is super cool! We went to Aprica (Italy) on the bus it took us 24 hours! On the first day we picked up our skis and went back to the hotel (so tired)! On the second day we got our instructers and learnt Snow Plough. Through the week we went on Green,Blue and Red slopes as well as learning Parallel turns and other cool stuff! Anyway coming home was so annoying because I still want to be skiing and we've got school tomorrow!!
Anyway ill see you guys (and girls) around!
Dark Wolf blogged
Feb 13, 09 8:45pm

Hey guys I leave today ill cya all sum other time. I havent skiied before so im extremely nervous I hope I dont mess up big time as I usually do with new stuff! (I fell of the climbing wall the first time I went rock climbing and I almost got concussed the first time I scuba dived) Anway I leave at 3:15.
Laterzz ill miss u all!

illidan musingsthoughts
Dark Wolf blogged
Feb 11, 09 3:25am

I'm going skiing on friday the 13th (scary day) I can't wait has anyone been skiing to Aprica before if you have I would like to hear about it! Anyway I love these two bands now Evanescence (thanks to Soul13eater for introducing their awesome music to me!) Paramore if you can listen to every song of both bands!!! They are so awesome! If anyone says these two bands are rubbish I will personally kill them!


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