MegaDemon Dark Sage_1
Dec 26, 03 4:27am
Hi Dark Sage_1, how are you?? Long time no see!
Merry Christmas!!

Take care!!
MegaDemon Dark Sage_1
Aug 08, 03 1:18am
I dont believe I havent signed your guestbook till now, geeeez!! Im sorry! But, also happy because I am now! Sonic rocks and always will do, and I hope to see you around more!
m_darkdrogon Dark Sage_1
Mar 02, 03 8:43am
Sup, what's been happening? I'm just signing all my NeoFriends Guestbook. Keep on posting in the Yu-Gi-Oh! forums.

The Great Demon Dark Sage_1
Jan 01, 03 11:40pm
Hey!I guess we're neofriends now and see that you're a great help in this site of videogames.Hope to see you around and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
The_Paranoid_One Dark Sage_1
Dec 27, 02 2:40am
S'up Dark Sage_1?
I'm signing your guestbook...yes..
What can I say? You seem pretty cool.

Toodles Doodles...

Blue eyes dragon Dark Sage_1
Dec 01, 02 6:31pm
i lots of good cards in my deck and i duel good. and i am going to say hi ther! if you a hard time beating seto 3 i can help you!
Icarus Dark Sage_1
Dec 01, 02 6:52am
I SEE A LOT OF PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY SIGNED. oh well i just wanted to congratulate u on joining neoseeker. i know u will be a great addition. Pm me whenever u need help. LATER!
Ruben Dark Sage_1
Dec 01, 02 4:28am
Hi there buddy.So you wanted me to sign so here I am.So have you beat this game?Yet its really cool.Well atleast I think so.Well cya around.
Bobby06 Dark Sage_1
Nov 30, 02 11:25pm
I have talked to you for a little bit and you sound like a nice guy. I hope I get to be friends with you and your sister Enchanted Fairy_1. I have put you on my NeoFriends list and you probably done the same. Now that I have signed your guestbook you should sign mine.
SageofAges Dark Sage_1
Nov 30, 02 9:46pm
Hi Iv seen you around the yugioh forum and I think you make the place more entertaining...thats a good thing....I hope you will stay aroun for awile...also can you pleas sign my guestbook.
wow 74 Dark Sage_1
Nov 30, 02 7:57pm
let me be the first to sign your guestbook.

thanks for signing mines.

although i hardly know you, you seem like a pretty cool guy.

good luck on getting the pugm cause i know i didn't