You made me cry so hard with your post in the RFS forum. You were so mean that it just ripped my heart out. I've been crying non-stop ever since.

So now, every time you look in your guestbook, just remember this day as the day you made PL cry....

I've seen you around the BF2-forum quite a lot so I decided to stamp your GB
Hope you like my stamp

I came, I saw, I STAMPED!
Hello I just found out that you are the section moderator for the section that my favourite forum comes under! So naturally I had to sign your guestbook!
Hey Dark Reaper, I thought that you sounded cool, so I'm signing your GB.

Sign back and PM me to be Neofriends. Bye.

From the one and only,
Your guestbook has been signed by whom? Guess.

See you around Dark Reaper. Sign back if you want...

high times
I feel so fine
stiggidy booms
gonna make you high

Thanks a bunch for helping me out in my early moderating days ...^^

Cya around man.

(Yes, I was lazy to make a new banner, so sue me)

...and happy holidays!
Hello, please sign back if you have a time.
Guess, what?
Today is Christmas!

Merry Christmas.

Enjoy the holidays

This is just a small way of me saying thank you for all your help, past and present.

Take Care Buddy.


This is Alias353 here to say hope you have a Merry Christmas! Or whatever you may celebrate!

Most who know me know I don't usually stamp guestbooks, so I guess that makes you special.

Keep making graphics!

Heh, just kidding man, but you are, in some ways, my model Moderator. Thought I should kind of act like you, if I was ever to become one. Congrats and keep up the good work on moderating the PC branch of Neo.

Hows it goin reaper, nice to see you still ruling the forums of neoseeker in style.

Keep up the good work man. See ya round.

Sing RahXephon,
Sing your own song,
Your forbidden song.

Smile You'll live longer.
Thanks for being on the ball with D2:LoD. I realize its a really old thread and only has so many guests right now, but your still doin a good job.
hi boss of forum.

If you are looking at my posts im not spamming just looking for new online gamers for the clan


hiya bud.

here's wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

Take Care of yourself, and happy holidays.

p.s thanx for making the banner for me bro
Merry Christmas:


and a happy New Year...

Keep in touch w/ your progress on Nvision
just singin your guestbook, being a fellow cs follower n all.....

blah blah need 125 characters blah blah blah

again, still not enough so, blah blah blah blah

merry christmas and happy new year!!! and happy holidays!!! may you and your family have a merry time over the holidays.

-richy rich