Not much to say. Lived in Midland Texas from 1989 to 1998. In 1998 moved to Dallas Texas(Or... at least close to). I'm in currently my third band. I have successfully driven for 3 years with no wrecks or tickets. In 2005, I met the girl who changed my life and fell in love with.

I am allergic to pretty much everything except for foods. I am also a severe asthmatic. Many people would find this hindering, I have found it to be a nuisance while attempting to live my life.

I have broken a total of three bones (so far). The right wrist has suffered a hair line fracture. The left wrist suffered a clean break through the radius (I think thats the one). The right femur (thigh bone) suffered a spiral fracture. While none of these injuries keep me from doing what I like to do, after an injury like the spiral fracture on the right femur, there is never a return to 100%.

I am currently in college wandering aimlessly between automotive, computer technology (hardware side), and luthierism (instrument builder).

People I respect and like to talk to...
Mega Trunks 200
Star Warrior
Vile Megaman
zero strikes back


I have four main categories with multiple sub categories

- Racing
~ Drag
~ Nascar
~ Sprint
~ Indy
~ GT
~ Drift !!!

- Customization
~ Engine Modification
~ Audio
~ Paint & Graphics

- Playing
~ Drums
> 1970 Ludwig (style unknown)
~ Guitar
> 1997 Peavey Predator (Stratocaster)
> 1990 Washburn Chicago Series KC-70V
> 1965 Hagstrom II (Deluxe)

~ Rock
> Alternative
> 1950-1990
> Shock
~ Metal
> Thrash
> Speed (Limited Selection)
> Power Ballad
~ Country

- First Person Shooters

- Racing

- Music

- Building
~ Super Computer


quote Metallica Rocks
you shouldn't have to physically hold it in when you turn it on....

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