lorenza_frenzy Dark Lord X
Jul 27, 06 6:39pm
Do you ever seem to sign back any-one's guestbook???!!! or do i need to bug you to sign mine?! Well...i'll do that too, and you should make a neo-home, well please sign my guestbook, the only signing i have from you is from your noob-ey GLX account, and ahahahaha if you read it, then you'll probably wish you never wrote something so noob-ey sounding =O and do you think i'm over the charecter length yet...=D...probably.
Hugs and Kisses (eww...i take that back)
cosy3 Dark Lord X
Jun 06, 06 2:41am
you tried to help me on super mario 64 thank you so much The field "Guestbook Entry" does not meet the minimum length of 125 charactersstupid rules
Rinkydink Dark Lord X
Mar 09, 06 1:48am
Seen you around the forums, thought I would sign.

Sign back if you want.
Super Shaolin Dark Lord X
Mar 08, 06 8:07pm
Guess who?

Yep, it's Super Shaolin signin' your GB for ya. I'm here to say we've been neofriends since I have registed, but hey, we can hang out in the loungin' forum, right?

See ya soon (too bad I don't have a stamp for you...)

Super Shaolin.
lorenza_frenzy Dark Lord X
Mar 01, 06 12:51pm
i'm just signing to say how much i hate you, lol jokes, and also since i havent signed your guestbook here yet. Well you better sign back, since i've not got a signing from you on this account yet.
lordevil Dark Lord X
Feb 15, 06 4:01am
I'm signing your GB now because I thought your post in the What Happens when you Die Thread, so here you go!

You probably don't get the stamp. No one has yet. Anyway, sign back and PM me to be friends if you wish. See you around.

From the one and only,
revolver_ ocelot Dark Lord X
Jan 16, 06 4:07pm
Hey saw you in the intulectual exchang thingy and thought i would sing.........................First to sing W00T!!!

Don't forget to sing back