I pity the poor person that doesn't have a halloween stamp,poor poor mortal.

Ik bedoel...laat maar.


Uhm we doen niet echt aan Halloween maar kep toch maar een pic voor u:

Ik zie je uhm thuis? 0_0

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeen!

hiya dark link,
i know we dont talk much but you still are one of my fav sisters, so have a great halloween

take care sis
hope u like my pics

now plz sign back
Enjoy your halloween

Sign back if you dare.
dont mind me, just passing through
dont mind me, just passing through

take care!
Here are some Halloween stamps for ya, sorry I didn't have time to edit them cause I am pretty busy getting ready for Halloween.

Yet again another Stamp!!!

SIGN back agaiN!




Just a little something for "trick or treating"-a bit of both from my beloved Angels:

Have a Happy Halloween and don't forget to save some chocolate for me!

~enjoy the Halloween day~
Hey dude, i saw u at the Europe forum.
So you're from Holland too?
Nou, ik ook. Ik woon in Limburg, in het zuiden bij België...
Nou ja, hier is m'n stamp:

Schrijf ook wat in mijn GB, ok?
Yup another new stamp.
Can you belive it?

Sign back or else!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey hope we can be good friends in the future, you know what? We have a lot in common if you know what I mean. So sign my g-book and keep Private messaging me and we can stay in touch throughout all the time. Peace. Hope to see you sometime later.

So I'm here to stamp and say have a happy halloween.

you've been
stamped by
dont mind me, im just passing through... im on a signing spree
allways fun talking with you
take care
herro! dont mind me, im just passing through i know its early but... Happy halloween!

take care!
Thanks for signing my guestbook. I've seen you around quite a lot as well, so I'm happy you dropped by. I never seem to get around to signing guestbooks, unless someone signs me first. @_@ Talk about lazy, LOL!

I Meant to say "Put this in ur stamp when u stamp me back if u feell sry if I leave forever!!"err sry ofr stamping 2 times!---------------------
People wont miss me If I leave NEoSeeker forever but I might but will you be sad?But this when u stamp me back!!

well... it may not be Halloween yet but you still get my Halloween Stamp

plus another scary stamp
I hope you keep posting in the photo album! Put up more pics! I will take more and post em.
Hey! I miss talkin to ya....

Anyway, I'm signing your guestbook cause your a great friend to me.