Well...I been a member of neoseeker for like 3 years now, Im pretty inactive anymore, I just come to check every now and then, even though most of my friends deleted me or dont remember me x.x, meh thats the main reason I dont log in anymore, to many old memorys....


Mmmmmmm let me see:
Snopp dogg
The Killers
Green Day
Daddy Yanke
and More but i don't remember.
Neo Family:
KittyKat820:My best friend mmmmm sister lol, she is a good and sweet girl.
Neo Freinds:
Yunalookalike:Great person and good friend.^_^
Dragon2000:Good friend we have a duel coming.
sitbul:mmmmm wird guy but he is my friend. j/k
Aplee tree three:huge wonka fan like me.^_^
Rinoa I:we haven't talk much but she is a nice girl.
Cute Phantasy: she is one of my good friends ^_^
Real bro:omegaforcerico
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