A Liitle About Me:

Hello my name is Curtis Gant/Dark Influence on I am 13 years old. I am in 8th grade and i like to play video games and sports. The video games i like to play are the following rpg, first person shooters, third person shooters, action/adventure and more. I also like to play sports so here are the sports i like to play basketball, football, i used to take karate and boxing, i like to play basketball and more.If you would like to know more about me i would not mind you dropping me a pm whenever about anything.
How I Joined Neoseeker:

Ok well i first joined neo around June 2nd, 2006. I was looking for friend codes for Animal Crossing Wild World DS. And then i found this forum. So i decided to look around alittle. I found that the website was clean, organized and like another home form your real home. So i decided to make a account named "riku08". That was my first acccount. So then after awhile i got bored of neo. So i left for a couple of months. I eventually came back around December with a new account "riku24". I used that account for about half of a year. Then in June Pokemon Diamond and Pearl came out. Then is where i started a whole new neo profile again this time the name was "FusionWeapons". That is one of my favorite profiles now. So i use FusionWeapons for about 3 months. Then in september i decided to make a new account names Dark Influence. Which i am using now. Well there is alot about my neo life not alot of details but pretty good. Well more will be coming the longer i stay on neo.
Send Pms To Me:

I do not like people sending me pms saying do you want to be my neofriend. I only have a little neofriends and they are true friends that i actually talk to on neo and stuff. I do not mind you sending me pms asking anything about neo. I will answer MOST questions. But if not that is becuase i am busy or i just do not want to answer. Well feel free to pm me whenever.
About Friend Codes/Game Names:

Well i am not going to give out my friend codes to noboday i do not know. So if i do not know you well please do not really ask me about them. I will tell you them if i really was concerned about you being informed. So just let me in peace.


Games I Like To Play:

Final Fantasy[All]
Animal Crossing[All]
Legend Of Zelda[All]
Super Mario Bros.[All]
Super Smash Bros.[All]
Mario Party[All]
Paper Mario
Mario Kart[All]
Need For Speed[All]
Golden Sun[Both]
Call Of Duty[All]
Medal Of Honor[All]
Grand Theft Auto[All]
Gears Of War
God Of War[All]
Dynasty Warrior[All]
NBA 2k[All]
NFL 2k[All]
Vitual Fighter[All]
Moster Hunter Freedom[Both]
Prince Of Persia[All]
Midnight Club[All]
Kingdom Hearts[All]
Lego Star Wars[All]
Star Wars[All]
Star Wars Battlfront[All]
Mortal Combat[All]
The Godfather
Def Jam[All]
Fight Night[All]
Giutar Hero[All]
Lost Planet:ExtremeCondition
Pefect Dark Zero
Soul Calibur[All]
Street Fighter[All]
Tom Clancy's[All]
Forza Motor Sports[Both]

FullMetal Alchemist
Shaman King
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