Mr. Hankey and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Stamped by your Friend Great Nosferatu !I hope to see you on fable forum again.Plz sign mine back!
... Don't ask me why I'm signing. I just am, and I don't care if you like it or not. ENJOY IT! ......................... Now time for the song and dance.

My guestbook has reached 20 pages ^.^
Thanks for participating in it!!!

Signed by Moi,
Hey, thankx for signing my guestbook. I would of stamped this but i cant remember where i put my stamp so anyway thanx again for signing my guestbook. Cya.


~enjoy your Halloween~
Yeah i have seen you around to.I cant wait until November 9th.Halo 2 will rule over all games.

Peace and happy killing NOV. 9th
Where ya been man? Or, maybe you've been around all along, and I've been to drunk to notice...

Thanks for signing my guestbook! I'm always happy to sign a fellow Halo 2 and Loungin' fan's guestbook!

Hey thanks for signing my Guestbook and of course I'LL SIGN BACK lol

C U Around
i like the stamp, welcome back after your week being away, we really need to get the KOTOR 2 forum up and running again, good luck on being mod
sorry it took so long, but here i am!

don't laugh at my stamp!!
j/k, see ya round the Kotor 2 forums
Thanks for signing my guestbook! And I've seen you around too, and you're a good poster. Cool!

And yeah, I like to refere to myself as the Anchorman of Neoseeker. Alrighty Then!

Since you signed my guest book its only fair to sign yours..LOL

One of them random signings...

Please sign & pm back if you don't mind...

Signed by Moi,
HEy i hAd a vErYU LoNg cHaT WiTh yOu oNe dAy aNd iT WaS COoL

i DoN'T HaVe a StAmP BuT If i dId iT'D Be In yOuR GuEsTbOoK

i am just gonna stamp your guest book with my very unique stamp man i like it only stamp with a shield for fable lol
Ive changed my sig.Thanx pointing that out.i didnt realise it sounded so will this make a difference than?.any way see you around Neo mate thanx again
You have a link in your sig to your guestbook so I clicked on it and it took me here (imagine that...) any here is a stamp...enjoy...

So here I am, writing your guestbook.
But heyh, don't have a stamp to offer at the moment but i'll dig into that later.

Have fun around the Fable board.

- Psysonic
Yeah...I got a new stamp...and...whatever.

Ok, I signed back.