Stampage for you:

See you later.
Take care:
Hi DDA. Thanks for being a great friend to me.
For that, you must recieve Stampage.
And, i'm actually starting to hate Mia from GS now...I don't know why, but I just like Jenna much more, hence the Stamp:

Bye bye now. Talk to you later

here you go [img] [/img]

Because you helped me so generously i will keep my promise sign back

Just stopping by to wish you a Happy New Years. Have a great year, and hope this one was great too. Sign back if you can^^

Hey, thanks for the cool stamps.=D I'll add you as NeoFriend on this account ok?=P

Dream as you will live forever, live as you will die today

I know we havn't talked in a while but...

I figured I'd go ahead and sign you a bit early beacause I'm sure that I will probably be busy on Chrismas Day and I'm sure you will too. So anyways, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. Have Fun and sign back when you can plz. =D Enjoy some holiday stamps.

It's come too fast! Here's a stamp! enjoy!

Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Nice to see you still like DQ8 and hope to chat with you again sometime. =)

Just got your signing, thanx. have no stamps ne more, and the ones i do have left are 4 dm jka 1.
well cya

DM JKA 1/pwn3d
just stopping by to wish you a happy Halloween - have fun^^ ~sign back~

i'm going to make you a Riku/cloud spriteany ways YOU HAVE BEEN STAMPED!!!!!!!!
Thank you for being my friend. Here is the picture my friend made for me!

hi - I have seen you around a lot and thought I'd sign your GB^_^ - would you like to be friends^_^

Hi Alex. Is your mum o.k? Sorry for being nosy but I really hope you come back soon. ......Anyways, have a good Summer if you are coming back......

Thanks for helping me make a Kakashi banner! I hope we can be friends someday, and I hope your Mom gets better! Here's my stamp!

linkin park rulz, gldn sun rulz, and u think dey rule so u rule u seem awesome so i decided to sign ur guestbook well.........................
could u sign my gb
Hey DDA, Merry Christmas, and a happy new year! Come back soon!

I saw you around so i thought i would sign... Sign back!

Thanks for joining my forum! As you were so nice to me, I decided to sign your guestbook!

Did I mention thanks?

The guy who runs the other forum...
sorry havent been on 4 awhile... hell i was bored so i thought id sign your gb o well ill be seing you
A friend of the Crystal Crusher is a friend of mine.

Hello there. You seem nice, so I thought I'd come around and sign your guestbook. Hope we can talk sometime. Oh and here. Made it myself.

See you around!

From the one and the only 5% sane Demon Lover!
hiya DDA, happy halloween! Im signing this now bcuz im too busy at halloween with projects, stuff like that so...............

Hi DDA, just signing your guestbook!
Thanks for all of the gaming messages that you sent, it would be boring without you!

C ya l8r

Here's my brand new Halloween stamp. I hope you like it, cuz if you don't... >.> *shudders*
Ohwell, aren't we all diehard fans of Naruto & his merry men?
Well take care, enjoy Halloween. And if you (or your friends) have come up with a good and original idea to scare the *bleep* out of people this year...I'm all ears.
Eyes, actually. Neoseeker doesn't speak. >_>
But seriously, I'd like to read some good ideas. Think about it.

You can sign back if you want to. It's always appreciated. ^^

~Signed with fear,

Just singing your gbook

Have a nice rest of the day