Dark Deoxys
Sep 19, 10 9:05am
Just bored.
Dark Deoxys
May 29, 10 8:18am
Battle me if you dare,my Heracross is bad as hell.
Dark Deoxys
May 28, 10 7:45am
Battle me if you dare,my Heracross is bad ass hell.
Dark Deoxys blogged
Apr 30, 09 5:05am

Yesterday My mom discovered a turtle in her pond!And a few week ago before that she found one just like it near the woods.And there was also a turtle in the front yard and was a little bigger.Whats with all theses turtles?!?!You find one here and there!Lol.My mom also gonna put them near her pond since they are aquatic baby turtles.Next thing I might know I might find a pretty big one like last time.Man that sucker was huge.It seems now that it's a turtle world instead of just the world.

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Dark Deoxys blogged
Apr 30, 09 3:28am

Hello.And welcome to my new blog!I'll be bring some news sometime on a few things like whats happening in my life.Yesterday I ended up getting glasses.I liked them at first since they look like sun glasses outside.Trust me it gets annoying.But enjoy my future post in my blog.

Dark Deoxys
Feb 21, 09 10:49am
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