Tying girls to trains and watching them explode......oh dear Rockstar I love ya'll! :) RedDeadRedemption PS3
Archer and Kestrel are beast......too bad (SPOILER) they kill each other TomClancysSplinterCellConviction PC
Looking for people to play this amazing game. TomClancysSplinterCellConviction X360
Even though its only the beta its freakin awesome! HaloReach X360
Just playin xbox
I.....love.....this.....game.... BattlefieldBadCompany2 PC
Gears 2 is awesome!
This is the greatest game ever!!!!!! GearsOfWar2 X360
Unlocked my M21 and I gotta say.....it's pwnage! I'm now trying to get the Ak-47.... CallOfDutyModernWarfare2 PC
Trying to get far enough in the game where I can get: 1. Altair's Armor 2. All weapons 3. The Villa up to %100 AssassinsCreed2 PC
Beating Point Lookout... Fallout3 PC
"Trying to get the M21 EBR sniper, "MVP Assassin" title, and the shooting AC-130 emblem...This game is fantastic!!!!! " CallOfDutyModernWarfare2 PC
It's ok, but really it gets boring fast... SaintsRow2 PS3
I am almost done with Shivering Isles!!! Finally I can be a god... TheElderScrolls4Oblivion PC
This game is awesome......to bad I'm letting someone borrow it CallOfDuty4ModernWarfare PC
Beastin it up!!!
And the government told me that we wouldn't have to worry about a zombie invasion... =P Left4Dead PC

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