A particular type of multiplayer, co-op mode allows us to play with a second person with a focus on team work. The Wii U alre

Something we've not really seen in the past with Nintendo has been DLC. Having said that times change, and DLC looks set

Source --Quote-- Could you explain how the energy system in The Next Penelope works—especially how it encourages ris

Source Don't usually get too excited for video games based around films. In saying that, perhaps the humour will be g

Source Sometimes the simple games can prove to be a lot of fun, though I feel this could prove to be too simple for my ta

Source --Quote-- As a company you've always shown a lot of support for Nintendo platforms; is that still one of your p

Now that the Wii U has been out for a while, how do you guys feel about the feature for use as a TV remote? Have you found it

I thought it could be fun and/or productive for us all to have a platform where we can both recommend and suggest potential f

Source --Quote-- Mii-gamer: How do you play Soon Shine? What is the control scheme like? Dahku Creations: It’s pl

Source --Quote-- Mases: Is there anything we can look forward too? Are you close to any sort of announcement? Pollice:

Source --Quote-- You've already mentioned Metroid Prime being an inspiration for Sync. Can you elaborate on this a lit

Source --Quote-- Because the gameplay itself is more traditionally Dynasty Warriors with the look of Zelda sort of placed

Source Any Tales fans here who think the series would be good for the Wii U? And if so, what sort of features would you l

Source --Quote-- From Aonuma’s answer, I gathered that the main story will stay largely the same, but you’ll b

Source --Quote-- An optional co-op mode in the upcoming Wii U Star Fox game is going to let two players command one Arwing

Source --Quote-- I spoke to Aonuma yesterday at E3 here in Los Angeles, and though he mostly wanted to talk about Hyrule W

Source --Quote-- The reason the game seems to be more challenging this time around is because there is a lack of Baby Mari

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