And then Jesus said, "It is finished," and gave up his spirit.

I think one of the main reasons people leave Neoseeker is because emo internet drama happens and people are like "I will leave to get attention" and they don't realize no one cares :O

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- Custom Robo
- Animal Crossing
- Monster Rancher 2
- Chocobo Racing
- MechWarrior 4
- Streets of SimCity (yeah, it's unpopular and kind of dull but I own at that game)
- Whatever I didn't mention before

- Video games
- Japanese (insert noun here)
- Kendo
- Go
- Fooly Cooly
- Great Teacher Onizuka (the best)
- Being junctioned to a couple of people (you know.... cause I'm a Guardian Force.... wake up!)
- Air conditioners
- Anata no kaasan

- Crappy anime
- Stupid stuff that everyone likes for no reason other than the fact everyone likes them (because they're stupid)
- People who are happy all the time
- Being stalked by unattractive people or internet weirdos
- Guys
- That part in Final Fantasy Seven where you have to jump on that moving thing to get to Shinra HQ
- Suffering
- That one really hot day where I decided to hold my breath while running down the train tracks to get to my house


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Animal takes so long to be a Master. but once you've done everything, you feel like an accomplished human being. You live help out your furnish your own cultivate your village. What a...

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