hamsterlove Dark Spyro
Nov 28, 10 5:49pm
Woops my stamp broke and I forgot to redo it. So here's your new stamp!
hamsterlove Dark Spyro
Jul 16, 10 5:43pm
A stamp for my very first neoseeker friend!
danstir11 Dark Spyro
Jan 13, 10 1:59am
Hi Ell how ya doin kepp in touch plz im'e gettin an xbox 360 on satterday 'll tell u my name ASAP. So plzzz tell me your xbox name : )

Dino Boy Dark Spyro
Dec 29, 09 9:55pm
I just got an xbox 360 elite and if u have an xbox and xbox live add me-

Supercoop no1

Cya everyone!

WildPony123 Dark Spyro
May 9, 09 5:40am
lol!! Its amy yes me!! oi i am 1 of ur best mates in real life nd on neo seeker(well i shud be) hehe i well funny lol - im gettin used to theis game now nd is gettin pretty goood x ilu
Dino Boy Dark Spyro
Feb 28, 09 1:13am
Hey Dark spyro. It's you know who from Class. See you at school.I was just passing by and thought I would sign your guestbook. So is this the friend you were talking about (hamsterlove)? Anyway, see ya later
hamsterlove Dark Spyro
Dec 4, 08 6:14am
hey dark spyro. Yay im the first to sign! i just wanted to sign your guest book! any way i just wanted to say hi, so, Hi! See U around!