Hi. I looked at your profile stuff. Are you here?
Been a while eh?

Anyway just signing ur guestbook and I was wondering if you would like to join my GFX forum at

w w w . w e b m a s t e r h u t . p r o b o a r d s 3 1 . c o m

or my Family Guy Forum <--needing members

w w w . s t e w i e 0 0 7 . p r o b o a r d s 5 2 . c o m

Sorry I had to write it that way but Neoseeker doesnt accept proboards
I got bored, so I thought I'd follow guestbook trails, and sign random people's guestbooks. I have no idea who you are, but keep up the good posting anyway :-P.

Sign back.
I finally checked my guestbook and saw your request for a signing. Well pal, today is your lucky day.

You have been graced by the one from the deep.
Thanks for signing my guestbook man. Don't really know you that well to say much, but hope I'll see you around more often.

Peace Out.

Damn, you're lucky, the most sexy seeker of all is about to sign your Guestbook, ok here we go:

First some good news

But I also have some bad news for you...

I'm sorry

Just remember me by this pic of ultimate sexappeal:


Brought to you by Hitman3™ ©®

Hello all and I hope everything is well [: Well either you signed my guestbook, or i feel like going on a neofriends strampage. well thanks to all of you who didn`t forget me whilst i was gone. haha [: uhmmm... yeah.... rawr <3

// angel <333
sorry i'm late. i don't check my book that often. also, not only do i not have a stamp, i don't even know how to get one. i should look into that,maybe....
anyway, peace and chicken grease!
Hey Gamb here I've seen you around TS:FP forums quite a bit and I thought I would sign your guest book.

thought I sign ur guestbook thanks for signing mine think cobwebs are starting to grow on it. Hey havent seem ya on neo before what forums do u go on, well see ya l8er thanks for signing
Hey, DS, thanks for the signature.
I'm afraid I don't have anything to stamp you, though, because I'm usually at work when I go on Neo...
Luckily, our office security systems don't recognize Neo as a gaming forum.

I'll see you around!
Well i decided to sign back (your the only one whose signed mine) i wish i had a stamp but then agen i dont know what mine would look like and i dont know how to use them.
inclosing keep on post'en

Thanks for signing my guestbook. Well anyway I see you are Scottish as well which is cool, anyway enjoy the stamps.

well,dude,thanks for signing my guestbook.your stamp is quite allright.unfortunately I don't have any stamps,so just thanks.see ya somewhere on Neo.
well,dude,thanks for signing my guestbook.your stamp is quite allright.unfortunately I don't have any stamps,so just thanks.see ya somewhere on Neo.
Thanks for signing my guestbook dude. I appreciate it. I'm working on my own stamp, I'll post again when I've got one
Hey Dark Spectre,
Cheers for signing my guestbook. No your stamps alright, mine is just the first one i made nothing too special. I've seen you some where on Neoseeker can't think of which forum though. Anyanyz thanks again
Wow you have few favorite forums, now I have absolutely no idea which forum I should know you from. Doesn't matter that much though.

Anyway, have fun on Neo and see, eh... read you around .

Hey thanks for signing my guestbook man. I looked at some of those savage stealth kills you did for tenchu.
I would have stamped your gaest book if i knew how, but until then.
Thanx for signing my guestbook, i return all my guestbook signings

See ya around !
Thanks for signing my book mate. I don't have any cool stamps so I will just say HI!

You have been stamped By Steel +_+_+_+_+_+_+
Haven't made any new stamps since easter.
Have this one.

See you round the forums.

I've seen you around in the TimeSplitters forum so i thought i sign your guestbook, so anyway heres my stamp (Same as my banner)


please return the favour

I made a stamp. Good for me! And Deadpool rocks. Anyone who says otherwise is just wrong.