Deadpool Approved
May not be able to get online for a bit. Laptop is acting up. We'll see later today.
So... Four Persona related games? All of the fingers crossed for North American release. Them and God Eaters 2. So hoping for that.
Harry Potter fans want Hogwarts, Percy Jackson want Camp Halfblood, Narnia want to go to Narnia. Hunger Game fans? We're good where we are.
Deadpool approved. Not quite sure if that's a good thing or not.
"Violence breeds violence, but in the end it has to be this way."
MEMENTO MORI: Remember you are mortal. Remember you will die.
Cecil Harvey, Jinx Division.
The cardboard box. The true key to inner peace. Snake, you are a lunatic.
Enough expository banter! Now we fight like men! And ladies! And ladies who dress like men! For Gilgamesh... it is morphing time!
"Hey everybody! I'm the Christmas spirit of KICK YOUR ASS!"
Just saw the new trailor for New Super Mario Bros 2. I think the tag line is "the Search for More Coins".
Phyrron Creed Number 427: Hard work should always be rewarded. Which is why I have a reward, for me, to destroy you.
Weeee aaaaareee froooom ooooouuuuteeeer spaaaaceeee.
I'm a f*cking asshole... Not that any of my friends ever give a damn about this status thing any more...
"Floor ice cream recovers health!"
"But... Floor ice cream recovers health!"
I'm just so freaking useless to my friends. Someone's always depressed, and I can't do anything...
"I owe you know more explanations. Only destruction!"
feels like sh*t today.
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