MasterZX Dark RagePm
Aug 7, 09 5:03pm
Hi. MasterZX here. Just signing guestbooks.
And now I will stamp it, cuz I haven't stamped yours yet.

Have a nice day!
Steam Dark RagePm
Jul 28, 09 6:29am
Dark...where do i begin? To be honest, You are one of my favorite people to have around our nub crew. Not only because I mess with ya all the time, but because our brawls always end up on the utterly rediculous side. I honestly haven't found someone who's more fun to brawl ATM. So i dub thee, the LolBrawler. We might have a new chapter in our rivalry when i get a 4th gen pokemon game, though i fully expect to be wiped out.

P.S. Pick up lucario [/brainwash]
Tankzortz Dark RagePm
Jul 24, 09 5:49pm
ur a pretty good friend like low snow, making peace with bbod. and sr are pretty cool even thu were the nub crews.

ur a good brawler and if i face u, no holdin back against me and ill do the same.

may the best falco win
see u around in sr and bbod
infernape00000 Dark RagePm
Jul 24, 09 5:19pm
Hi DarkRagePm!

You Have Been A Good Friend So I Figured I'd Stamp You.

Gamer Boy Dark RagePm
Jun 28, 09 6:31pm
Well you signed my guestbook so I thought I'd do the same. I haven't been online much. We had a lot of good matches didn't we?

low_snow Dark RagePm
May 26, 09 8:52pm
how do you like my new Kirby dance?
<(._.<) (>._.)> (^._.)^ <(0_0)>
<(._.<) <(._.)> ^(._.^) <(0_0)> (>._.)>
<(._.<) <(._.)> (^._.)^ <(0_0)> (>._.)>
<(-_-)> <(._.)> <(*_*)> <(0_0)> <()>

anyway, just signing your guestbook to signify our friendship. You were the one who dragged me into the mph clan and led me to a war, I've gotta say, you got me on my feet again for mph. then you took me to Wolf's clan in SSBB where I really started to have a good time, so I have to say thank you for everything you have done for me.

You truly are, right now, my best neo-friend.

thank you.