SwIzzbEAT Dark Link
Feb 23, 12 3:25am

It's been so long since i've seen you! I hope that we could chat sometime when you're free. And... i still wubb you! ^-^
Pemblem Dark Link
Dec 27, 08 5:11pm
I just got on for the first time in years, so
I thought I'd stop by.
Green Yoshi 2004 Dark Link
May 7, 07 7:22am
Hi DL I thought I'd sign your guestbook. BTW Howya been doing?

hallard Dark Link
Mar 21, 07 2:08am
he ywhattsup not much here don't know what to say but i want to be a freind don't care if you don't want me to do that is fine with e.
Darknet Dark Link
Jan 11, 07 11:00am
No words can describe your beauty.

<3 Pretty Pretty Princess

Also known as ZUMBAH

Pricey Dark Link
Jan 8, 07 11:57pm
I love Lindsey very very much! Do you love her? I think that Sakura is the best member of Neoseeker ever. It is such a pretty name too: Sakura. Soooo pretty. Just Like Lindsey. She is very pretty and I love her very much. Will you please sign her guestbook? She will love you forever, just like she loves me.

Sakura makes me so happy. You should get to know her. She is amazing. She is also a wonderful, beautiful Princess. <3

Lindsey's Butler
DCRage Dark Link
Dec 18, 06 9:10pm
Well hello again Symphony...seems it's time to once again make the holiday rounds, so here's a little something I whipped up...

lol, whipped up...guess that's what happens when I do graphics work on an empty stomach. OK, here's one to make up for that:

Sorry, but my holiday stamps are panties-free zones this year. I really do hate to derive you all of that guilty pleasure.

Hope you enjoy the holidays and best wishes for 2007 and beyond, hopefully it'll be a great year for you...I'm sure it will be, just don't give up and never stop believing. And don't forget that "side trip" to Washington.

Hope to talk to you again soon. I love you and miss you. *hugs & kisses*

Fire Ruby Dark Link
Nov 17, 06 1:21am
i've been gone a hell of along time....hehehe what up? You probably don't remember meh though so I won't bother you much, but oh well. cya around
GallantmonX Dark Link
Oct 23, 06 12:25pm

Goddamn guestbook length requirement=/
Skaterstar57 Dark Link
Aug 28, 06 2:45pm
Hey there . ^^ Zomigosh. I finally came back. I need to PM you. Or you can PM me! Anyway, I finally got tired of being lazy and made a new stamp. Here it is:


I love you, Symph.
think of something Dark Link
Jun 26, 06 1:49am
Hey, I decided to take the time and sign your guestbook, so...can I have a cookie?

Stamp, Slash stamp actually

Distortion Dark Link
Apr 9, 06 4:44am
Hey, DL. Just stopping by to give you yet another signing. IT's been quite a while since my last one, so um, yeah, have a stamp.

Hopw you're having a good time doing...whatever you're doing. See ya!


Vex the Pirate Dark Link
Feb 13, 06 1:41am
Random signing spee^^
enjoy my valentines stampy or i'll hit you! i just spent teh best half of about 5 minutes drawing it! xD

anywayz, see ya soony^^
Long time no talk! D:
minijinx Dark Link
Feb 8, 06 4:39am
you signed my guestbook a while back.. so i thought i would sign back...

minijinx Dark Link
Feb 8, 06 4:39am
you signed my guestbook a while back.. so i thought i would sign back...

GallantmonX Dark Link
Feb 5, 06 10:09am

c0m1ng 3vil Dark Link
Jan 17, 06 5:37am
Hey, how have you been? Just thought that I would sign your g-book. After all, it's been such a long time since I last done so... Here's something you can have...

Hope you like it. You can sign back if you really want to. Talk to you later.

Signed by...
Just for now Dark Link
Jan 11, 06 6:00am
Praise be to Quicksilver


Goddess Kali, high and mighty,
Shines great and bright,
bathing us all in a glimmering light.

In comes she,
and out goes I,
screaming with a gracious voice,
'Sing me a song, or else ye shall die!'

And woe is me,
if I do not satisfy,
the elegant beauty,
that is Goddess Kali.

So I shall praise her once,
praise her twice,
praise her with chicken soup and rice.

This signing has been brought to you by Just For Now, loving slave of the Goddess Kali, she who must be obeyed

I <3 Yunie!
Deis Dark Link
Jan 10, 06 10:20pm

Summoner Supreme is the greatest! You are sooo lucky to be signed by his slavie! But not as lucky as I am to be that slavie.

All hail my Supreme Master SummonerSupreme, the greatest legend of Neoseeker, who I satisfy to the best of my abilities!
DCRage Dark Link
Jan 10, 06 7:34pm
Sorry I'm a little late with this, but like you said, better late than never, right? Anyway, I was able to whip up a nice stamp for you last night, hope you like it:

Yep, you knew I had to use a Galaxy Angel stamp for birthdays.
Hope you had a wonderful birthday and that this next year is just as wonderful, you deserve it!
Hope to talk to you again soon! Love you lots, sis! *hugs & kisses*
Master Zhang He Dark Link
Jan 8, 06 3:11am
Happy Birthday Dark Link^_^.You deserve better than 6500 for the slave auction your better than that;).Hope you have a happy brithday and it is filled with joy

DianWei04 Dark Link
Dec 30, 05 6:03am
Doing some random sigings happy to make your life that more meaningful.

megatron Dark Link
Dec 28, 05 5:49am
Wait... is this google?
Oh crap...

hey.. this is a Guest book


where'd that come from?

anyways... look! GOOGLE CHEESE!

Green Yoshi 2004 Dark Link
Dec 26, 05 8:26pm
Hey Dark link long time no see. Here's a Christmas stamp for you.

Just right click and select view image to see it.
GallantmonX Dark Link
Dec 26, 05 11:49am

Just signing.. even tho im late XD Anyways, I hope u had a really.. great Christmas, u know