vanillagigglez Dark Knight47
Mar 26, 06 3:20pm

Well I'm glad I didn't make your head explode then, that'd make me feel a bit bad.

And yer, I don't have a different stamp either, my free trial on PSP ran out.

Sakura Dark Knight47
Sep 27, 05 1:00am

Sign back please!


Signed by,
lordevil Dark Knight47
Mar 13, 05 3:30am
I thought your name sounded cool so I thought I'd sign your guesbook. I have no other reason. Sign mine back or die and have a nice day!
LeoPup19 Dark Knight47
Feb 14, 05 12:46am
Valentine's Day is right here! OK, maybe tomrrow, but there's a very good chance I won't be on very much tomorrow.. so here's your stamp, take it or leave it.

Raven 2029 Dark Knight47
Jan 23, 05 4:09am

Thanx for joinin my Gundam RP. I hope we could be in some great battles together there!
Wasabi Mui Dark Knight47
Jan 14, 05 8:58pm
Hey! Thanks for signing and stamping my guest-bookie!

Cute Chaos Dark Knight47
Jan 14, 05 9:35am

Has found your guestbook as a valuble tool for taking over the world. Ill have fun!
Cute Chaos Dark Knight47
Jan 14, 05 9:34am
<img src="">

Has found your guestbook as a valuble tool for taking over the world. Ill have fun!
animegirl Dark Knight47
Jan 7, 05 7:14am

Just going on a random signing spree! See ya around.

NiTrOuS Dark Knight47
Dec 31, 04 10:07pm
Hey, Happy umm, whatever, Christmas, New Years, umm, Holidays then?

See ya around.

But I like mailing my fission!!!
Chroma Dark Knight47
Dec 29, 04 10:39pm
Thank yas sooo much fer Signin' me Guest book, I'm glad Someone likes my Avvy >_<;; I likes yours too! Yuna rocksers!! Ciao, hope to see yas again! ooo, And happy belated Holidays!!

elcascabel Dark Knight47
Dec 27, 04 8:54am
Thank you for signing my guestbook. I'll try to fix that link. LOL j/k. Hope you had a wonderful Winter Holiday. Once again, thank you.

-Erick Morales
sweet blossom Dark Knight47
Dec 26, 04 5:27am


<3's Kimu_Chan
LeoPup19 Dark Knight47
Dec 24, 04 9:57pm
hey ive seen u around the sims 2 forum so i decided 2 drop in. happy holidays!!!!

Miss Razz Dark Knight47
Dec 24, 04 5:19am
Hey, DK, I'm glad I could help you with your stamp, and thanks for signing my guestbookie. I hope you have a Merry Chhristmas and a Happy New Year.

sweet blossom Dark Knight47
Dec 23, 04 8:44am

I'm wishy you a Merry Christmas
    And a Happy Early BDay for me <30> xD
    I'm just kidding.
    And A 'Happy New Year' ^^;

    <3's Kimu_Chan xD
Soraslight Dark Knight47
Dec 21, 04 5:24am
May all your Christmas wishes come true!!

sweet blossom Dark Knight47
Nov 29, 04 1:31am

thought that id sign ur gb,
sign back ^^
Crazed89 Dark Knight47
Nov 25, 04 8:27am
ACY3 Dark Knight47
Nov 18, 04 11:09pm
I think I should get some more ink for this stmap, it's getting dry. But there is still enough

I think the stamp says it all. Look forward to RP'ing with you!

Wolfenstein38 Dark Knight47
Nov 18, 04 3:00pm
Here's a stamp from yours truly huzzah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maw4r Dark Knight47
Nov 18, 04 6:29am

u HaVE BeeN sTamPed bY Maw4r , YeaH sTamPEd By ME !!!!!!!!!!!

Is it cOOL
Soraslight Dark Knight47
Nov 1, 04 6:00am