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May 6, 10 11:16pm


Actor Joey Ansah has been sitting by, suffering in silence as Hollywood churns out one Street Fighter travesty...

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Apr 15, 10 6:39pm


In what may be one of the strangest after effects from an injury, a London woman is getting several sexual urges...

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Apr 10, 10 6:35pm


Can't get enough of Silent Hill?  Luckily for you, Konami has revealed another game in the horror...

Dark Dom
Jan 25, 10 5:57pm
reviewing Shattered Memories atm <3
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Jan 21, 10 7:38am


A brief history of Fatal Frame IV: released in Japan July, 2008 to good reception. Western gamers get excited for...

Dark Dom
Aug 4, 09 3:31am
OH HI. This reminds me of facebook now. D:
Dark Dom
Jul 14, 08 12:00pm
Will trade for unused model. Lollipopz
Dark Dom
Jul 14, 08 12:00pm
Best.Game.Ever. MonsterHunterFreedom2

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