Everyone has their one show which is just special to them, mine is The Worst Witch... and not just because it's about a group of school girls. I've watched it since I was a little kid and I could watch more repeats of it than The Simpsons.

The Worst Witch began 16 October 1998 and so I've been watching it for over a decade now. It's based around a school set in a castle called Cackle's Academy. The storyline revolves around Mildred Hubble and her friends who get into all sorts of fun.

After the original came Weirdsister College, a spin-off series based upon the old cast as young adults in college. It only lasted a funny total of thirteen episodes and wasn't very good... explains a lot.

Then came the The New Worst Witch, a sequel series to the original. The protagonist girl Mildred Hubble is replaced by her cousin Henrietta Hubble (way cuter) and of course new friends and enemies. The teachers carry old and new staff with a very sad result in a new Miss Hardbroom.

Between the new and old there are some notable differences. The old one was more about lessons, both in literal and moral terms. The newer one is usually just some fault of Hetty and having to fix it. The older one also had more diversity when it came to plot writing. Though the new one is of course more realistic and a better flow due to past experience.

They also made it an easy transition to a point where you didn't care about the change in series. Everyone is the same, mostly just replaced actors. The only thing different is the time frame. Even minute details like both protagonists having special familiars.

There's also a lot of similarities to the Harry Potter season. It's to be expected but when you really look into it, the sheer amount is surprising. The Worst Witch actually started off as a book series too, long before Harry Potter as well so nice job mirroring someone elses work Rowling!

This show brings to mind a lot of nice memories for me. It's one of few things I have happy memories of from childhood. The English accents make me miss home. The storyline is interesting and somewhat cute I guess, but not to a point of being lame.

Anyway, come in and tell me what programs from your childhood were special to you. Don't be embarrassed, I just admitted I enjoyed pretending I was part of an all-girl world of magic and fantasy after all.

Oh and I found one decent picture of Hetty Hubble's actor, darn it's hard to find pictures for old children's shows.

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Now before I start I need to say one thing. I'm a male, therefore I pretty much hate every bit of reality TV you throw at me. One show which always gets my viewing pleasure, however, is the Biggest Loser. Now perhaps watching fat people work out doesn't exactly sound pleasurable, unless you're in front of the window eating ice cream, but my reasoning extended beyond such trifles. I liked the idea that they give a plinth for which people who became overweight and become healthy again which they very likely would not have, just dying on a street somewhere. I enjoy seeing real emotions, which aren't faked by some soap actor who pulls the same face every scene, yes I'm pointing my finger at you Bold and the Beautiful. Oh and I love temptation, you can't begin to imagine how much I drool and want as they bring out all this delicious fatty foods on a plate, especially since I have an inability when it comes to gaining weight.

So why have I suddenly lost faith in the show? What made me think wow, these people aren't nice at all. I have three words for you, Biggest Loser Club.

I came home about two weeks ago and heard the TV announce what was called the Biggest Loser Club. I thought yay, they've extended their hand to helping people out in all gyms or something. I was mistaken after hearing the rest of it. It was a promotion of a bar and milkshake range they'd created, suggesting that fat people should skip two meals a day and have one of their products and they'll lose weight in no time.

Nooooo way man, slow down! You're telling me that skipping on food makes me lose weight? Gosh, never would've thought about that myself. Effective slightly, healthy god no. So now they've got this advertisement showing on a very regular basis which promotes an unhealthy lifestyle to the unhealthy in a bid to get more money. There is already enough stupid milkshake and bar programs out there, does my hero need to sink so low? Must they shift from saving fat people to abusing fat people? If I owned the channel, I would ban the show from being aired and see them lose money and try and make sure it doesn't get shown anywhere else either.

I think what annoyed me most is the two people who were advertising the shake and bar combo was two contestants of last year. I watched their weight journey, both struggles and joys. They put in so much effort to get where they are and now they're willing to sell out and put their face on TV saying "Yeah, this stuff helps me keep my weight off blah blah". I'm just glad I didn't see the trainers doing it, or I would've really raged.

So yes, I've been emotional about reality TV, very un-male of me. I do, however, think it's rather justified in means and end. So now fat people are being used and abused for money, nothing new of course but something I didn't want to see furthered. I'll just stick to Hannah Montana or something.

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