My theme of rant today is dates. There are some things in life I swear are just there to come off as strange coincidence. One of such factors in my life are dates. I mean, I was born on September 11th and people get weird over it when I mention it... come on, I have no relation to the event, date is irrelevant to discussion of my birthday. Furthermore, my plane for England on my holidays is leaving on the 9th of November... yeah that's right, the 9th of the 11th or 9/11 to put it short. It's stuff like this in life which makes you paranoid and wonder, I can tell you.

Currently halfway into the holidays. Not really holidays though since it's exams after and I've graduated school now. It's been alright, though I still don't seem to have much time on my hands which is strange.

Anyway I don't have much to say this time round. If you want to check something out, try Immerse in Infinity by Lost Soul, it's not half bad. I also downloaded the three albums of Gorod, good stuff.

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Today was the last official day of school ever as far as I'm concerned. We have our graduation ceremony and formal (prom) on tomorrow and then exams in roughly three weeks time. Now that it's here it feels slightly odd but still very satisfying, I could never explain in words how I hate the highs school education system or the general idea of going to school.

So now it's just a matter of study spam. I'm currently doing six hours worth a day. With no school on, I may take it up to eight or ten hours of studying. It sounds like a lot but it's not really, when you have your music on it's fairly enjoyable. I know a lot of people have problems with sound when trying to learn things, personally I remember things a whole lot better when I've got a nice, loud tune in the room.

There's an after-party on tomorrow also but I'm not bothering with it. I believe there is quite a large line which separates drinking for enjoyment and drinking for the sake of it. The party is going to be the second option, one of my best friends going is an example. Just yesterday he was saying how happy he was for drinking a 60% alcohol vodka in the morning... he's going to get alcohol poisoning or just go and kill himself in some way at this rate. He went drinking again that night by the way.

Not to mention the damage to themselves and others they tend to cause. Which is kind of funny, as we're supposed to be the more intelligent group of teenagers in the area. Although I must admit that the real bad stuff is usually caused by other schools, such as the gate crushers at one guy's eighteenth who tried to knife people. And having said this, I can see something similar happening at this party. I mean, for the last week people from other schools have been coming round to do damage to ours in whatever way they can.

So graduation ceremony. Three hours of speeches and acceptances and all the trimmings. My parents aren't going, so I have to get my friend's parents to take photos for me and a bus to the venue with the other years. I'm not too bothered by it but when you see the expression on the faces of your teachers and friends when you tell them, that makes you feel a bit down.

I also think the formal won't be as good as the one we had in year ten. My reasoning is the principal is coming to this one, so I can see it being stricter and a whole load more of boring. I like the choices we're getting for dinner though, they sound quite nice.

Not much new music yet to discuss. Necrophagist seem no closer to releasing their next album and Anterior are only just about to start recording, when their promised second album is supposed to be coming out in November I believe. All I have for now is Those Whom the Gods Detest by Nile which is an okay album but in comparison to some of their older stuff, it's not great.

And that's all, may blog this weekend to say what happened with tomorrow.

those whom the gods detest nile anterior necrophagist school music musingsthoughts

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First I'd like to touch upon what has already been stated within the forums, just in case this doesn't reach some contributors due to playing the games or just generally contribute and don't visit the forums. This is on behalf of the CRS team, with Avalith having made the announcement:

quote Avalith
Hello everyone. This message applies to all cheat and code submissions. Due to the recent influx of a few certain types of submissions, the CRS team has decided that we will no longer be accepting cheats for anything that can be generated using a program, such as PokeSav for the Pokemon DS games or Wondermail codes for the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games. One minor change can render a completely new code, and thus a new submission, and it's a very easy way to abuse the system, so we've decided to blacklist these submissions so to speak.

Thanks for your understanding and keep those contributions coming!
Hopefully this make sense to you all and if not, you can feel free to PM me and ask as many questions as you like. Broken down into the simplest forum, the submitting of PokeSav and Wondermail codes can really be seen as "points whoring". NOT to be suggesting that everyone who submits these is looking for an easy way to increase their NeoPoints, as many will just be trying to help out others. Having said this, however, it is because of the millions of possibilities that this just isn't possible. Anyone can access these codes, all the submitter is doing is saving them a small amount of time which when you think about it, is not a sufficient submission. So please anyone who contributes these or plans to, do not do it anymore!

On the topic of Pokemon, there is also currently some contests being held which could use some more publicity. Even if you don't play or like Pokemon, it's a good chance for graphics artists to test out their skills and get their work put up in a forum. You have the Pokemon Soul Silver and General Pokemon Forum contests currently under way. For Pokemon Soul Silver Header/Footer questions feel free to contact me, for the General Pokemon Forum look into the organiser and new moderator Boo.


And then we come to my life, which seems to be the boring part which stops people commenting in my blog but well I'm going to do it anyway. I'm actually sick today, which considering all the rain and changing temperatures lately isn't surprising as it always happens to me. I'm currently working on a project for Extension English 1 which really sucks... it's going to cut into my Friday sleep in and everything.

Exams are next week, oh joy. My timetable must've been designed on purpose to make me want to rip my hair out, giving me no less than three exams on the one day. I've only ever had two before, so I'm not sure how I'll go with that but we'll see. Luckily it's going to be a long weekend, with three days, so I'll be able to dedicate a fair amount of time to my last minute studying.

I'm also in high anticipation of the new Pokemon remakes, Soul Silver and Heart Gold. Since the destruction of my Silver, I really look forward to a new make of it and something to do. It's likely to come out after I graduate during the gap between that and starting University so that'll be handy.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky has also been given a date! It seems America is likely to be receiving it this Autumn, so everyone should make sure to save up for that. This game is an interesting development, being the first single release and third to the second generation. The original generation, Blue/Red Rescue Team did not see a third. It's a good signal that the PMD series is likely to become a lot larger and be a close second to the main.

On that note I hope the forum for it will soon pick up, if you have any interesting discussion to add or you haven't realised the forum exists yet please visit the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky Forum. I also hope to hold a Header/Footer Contest there soon to, so please keep watch for that and I'll be sure to blog about it at the time.

I'm so glad the discussion meant for my life has revolved back around to Neoseeker. :(

Anyway feel free to comment, if you have something urgent then turn to PM. Hopefully this blog has been useful for some of the Pokemon fans out there.

Until next time!

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In fact, not a lot of anything for a while now. I'm actually finding it a bit of a bother, as contributing around here is something I take an odd pleasure from.

So what is keeping me you ask? Well my HSC is within half a year from me now with my birthday even closer. I'm going to become a man, and then thrust into the workplace. So now it's finally dawning on me, perhaps it's time I give up that reliance on natural skills, and actually put in some effort.

Now only the Australian members are going to know what the HSC is, but I'm sure all of you can guess. It's the final exams which will determine your life, so call them what you will.

As we speak I'm currently working on a novel... well you could say that, I've been beasting the novel. What I'm currently doing is making up my journal. Yes, yes I know I should do it as I work. What do I say to that? Keeping a diary is a girl's thing, seriously. I'm going to stick by that statement and I feel as a guy I can't keep a diary/journal to save my life. I find it much easier to do my work, then go back and make up entries for each bit. I think it gives a better scope to work with in terms of my reflection on the work and I can get the journal out of the way with pretty fast.

Now this is another thing which isn't going to mean anything unless you're Australian. The work is for a course which is known as Extension English 2. It's a brilliant course, allowing those who really shine in English to show their stuff by designing their own project and spending a year working on it. Not many people take it at all, a lot drop it and you can't even take it without the right qualifications. This basically means you have to have done well with English in the past and need the approval of a couple of teachers... may deviate from school to school, but it's how mine's gone and done it anyway.

Actually, my school alone must make a large percentage of the total participating populace, bit of a joke but there you go. We have enough people doing it to make a class, which is ridiculous.

Anyway enough of my rambles. I've had a big glass of wine and I think it's what gave me the confidence to leave my work for a couple of minutes to get this up.

I'll note a couple of things quickly. I entered for that Demigod games, looking forward to seeing the winners. I'm very excited for Pokemon Soul Silver and have set up a Header/Footer Contest so if you're interested in testing out your graphics skills pop in. And I've been in a really big music download binge lately, which I'll blog about some other time.

So until then, later guys.

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