I am not very fond of people who go Trick or Treating around my area. They like to do it around the time I want to eat. Okay, that's not so bad. Perhaps doing it in a country that doesn't care about the holiday? Getting there, but they can still hope for some candy. What about the fact I have people, every year, turn up in no costume with a plastic bag from the local Woolies asking for sweets? That's where I draw my line.

So what do I do? I make it more fun for myself. In years past, I invited my mates over. Got a load of water bombs filled up and some water-guns to boot. If a kid comes without a costume, soak them. I can't tell you how much fun it is sitting on a roof and bombing them with water, without showing you footage.

This year though, such fun tactics can't be had, as it's our HSC and we're not really doing anything until after. So what do I do? Simple, I just have to play some "oh so scary and heavy music", it keeps them away better than I originally could've hoped for.

I know, I sound like the Halloween version of the Grinch. Don't get me wrong, if I was in America with a costume, I'd love to join in such fun activities as begging for candy. As it is, I cannot stand kids with no costumes just trying to scab candy when no one does it anyway.

So what else is happening in the world of DA? Well I went to the hairdressers today to get my hair chemically straightened. The stuff smelled terrible and made me want to be sick, not to mention having to sit completely still. Though having said this, if it can dry straight for once I'll be happy. At the moment it doesn't have much volume, though I assume it's because it's just been done. Anyway, can't complain if you have your hair washed there three times, which can also be seen as three head massages.

Two exams to go, Modern History and Economics. After that I'm done and off to England shortly after.

I also finished reviewing the book series of Harry Potter, all seven can be found in my contributions. I plan to do the movies in the future, only done the sixth so far I believe.

And that's about it, until next time guys. :)

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My theme of rant today is dates. There are some things in life I swear are just there to come off as strange coincidence. One of such factors in my life are dates. I mean, I was born on September 11th and people get weird over it when I mention it... come on, I have no relation to the event, date is irrelevant to discussion of my birthday. Furthermore, my plane for England on my holidays is leaving on the 9th of November... yeah that's right, the 9th of the 11th or 9/11 to put it short. It's stuff like this in life which makes you paranoid and wonder, I can tell you.

Currently halfway into the holidays. Not really holidays though since it's exams after and I've graduated school now. It's been alright, though I still don't seem to have much time on my hands which is strange.

Anyway I don't have much to say this time round. If you want to check something out, try Immerse in Infinity by Lost Soul, it's not half bad. I also downloaded the three albums of Gorod, good stuff.

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Today was the last official day of school ever as far as I'm concerned. We have our graduation ceremony and formal (prom) on tomorrow and then exams in roughly three weeks time. Now that it's here it feels slightly odd but still very satisfying, I could never explain in words how I hate the highs school education system or the general idea of going to school.

So now it's just a matter of study spam. I'm currently doing six hours worth a day. With no school on, I may take it up to eight or ten hours of studying. It sounds like a lot but it's not really, when you have your music on it's fairly enjoyable. I know a lot of people have problems with sound when trying to learn things, personally I remember things a whole lot better when I've got a nice, loud tune in the room.

There's an after-party on tomorrow also but I'm not bothering with it. I believe there is quite a large line which separates drinking for enjoyment and drinking for the sake of it. The party is going to be the second option, one of my best friends going is an example. Just yesterday he was saying how happy he was for drinking a 60% alcohol vodka in the morning... he's going to get alcohol poisoning or just go and kill himself in some way at this rate. He went drinking again that night by the way.

Not to mention the damage to themselves and others they tend to cause. Which is kind of funny, as we're supposed to be the more intelligent group of teenagers in the area. Although I must admit that the real bad stuff is usually caused by other schools, such as the gate crushers at one guy's eighteenth who tried to knife people. And having said this, I can see something similar happening at this party. I mean, for the last week people from other schools have been coming round to do damage to ours in whatever way they can.

So graduation ceremony. Three hours of speeches and acceptances and all the trimmings. My parents aren't going, so I have to get my friend's parents to take photos for me and a bus to the venue with the other years. I'm not too bothered by it but when you see the expression on the faces of your teachers and friends when you tell them, that makes you feel a bit down.

I also think the formal won't be as good as the one we had in year ten. My reasoning is the principal is coming to this one, so I can see it being stricter and a whole load more of boring. I like the choices we're getting for dinner though, they sound quite nice.

Not much new music yet to discuss. Necrophagist seem no closer to releasing their next album and Anterior are only just about to start recording, when their promised second album is supposed to be coming out in November I believe. All I have for now is Those Whom the Gods Detest by Nile which is an okay album but in comparison to some of their older stuff, it's not great.

And that's all, may blog this weekend to say what happened with tomorrow.

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I'm not sure if this news is worthy enough to be broadcast overseas. Everyone in Australia though is quite aware of the freak weather which started yesterday morning. Now I live near Wollongong in New South Wales. Here it started off as a relatively normal morning. On my way home in the late morning this wind came out of no where and I mean proper wind, the train station was shaking and creaking because of it. Then when I was at home the temeprature rose to 30 degrees celsius. Which isn't too hot but is still uncomfortable. The afternoon saw huge black clouds arrive on the wind, which rumbled a little until nightfall. Late evening the thunderstorm starts, with some cool looking lightning. Then through the later night it simply tipped down with rain, while still being quite hot.

So if that's bad enough, this morning I woke up to an orange glow, everything was glowing orange. Couldn't understand it until mum explained and I looked outside. In the early hours of the morning the dust storm had come through. It looked really cool and I've never seen that happen before. It also gave way to something else...

This week is my second last week of school, ever. I have exams after but those don't count really, they're not classes. So I'm really excited, as I bloody hate school with a passion through many reasons. Anyway, this week I haven't attended many classes. Monday I went to half, Tuesday half and today I went to none.... because of the dust storm and not me for a change.

It was broadcast that if you have health problems you shouldn't go outside today. Myself, being diagnosed as a terrible sufferer of asthma, am stuck inside for the day. Which is fine by me, though a little boring. Supposedly some people risk the possibility of death by such problems coupled with over exposure. Sounds like a pretty cool, futuristic dystopic way if you ask me....

I'm enjoying that Revocation album I blogged about. I obtained it through a leak nine days before release. In fact I got the leak a couple hours after it went up, so I was one of the very first people to get it (or at least can be determined by Last.FM stalking at any rate). It's good so again I recommend it.

So that's it for now, some weird weather and a new album. Next week I'm sure you'll enjoy reading since I have my formal. I'll try and take a camera to take a load of photos.

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Revocation is a favourite band of mine, combining the sounds of old school thrash with a modern technical death metal sound. Together, it makes for an interesting mix which you don't see very often. The majority of bands which describe themselves as Tech Death/Thrash are in all honesty just Tech Death or not very good. Revocation is different though, showing how to do it right and with just three band members they're not to be snuffed at.

So the reason I'm making this blog post is because their new album Existence is Futile is about to come out and felt as a fan it's my duty to raise awareness of this. So far, I have some thoughts to put towards the new album, despite having yet listened to it from start to finish... because it hasn't leaked yet, they're doing a good job to stop the downloaders to be sure.

Firstly, the album artwork. Although it's cool, it's not overly original to have a scary death monster on the front. In comparison to their last piece, a dystopic future, it's a step down. Does this mean anything though?

As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't mean a single thing in terms of the album. At the moment there is three songs from their new album on their MySpace. These are The Brain Scramblers, Dismantle The Dictator and Anthem Of The Betrayed. I've listened through all three a few times each now and my conclusion is it's just as good as the stuff from their first album. It's catchy, it's powerful and most of all (on a personal level) it's enjoyable.

In all honesty, Revocation is one of those bands which should make it really big but just don't have their name circled around enough. I think after a couple more albums, if they stay steady and consistent, it's likely they will hit it big and start knocking it up with the big names. For now though, it's nice to see a fresh face pumping out top notch music.

Here's a profile of the album for you:

Release Date: September 29, 2009

1. Enter The Hall 02:27
2. Pestilence Reigns 04:33
3. Deathonomics 03:42
4. Existence Is Futile 04:50
5. The Brain Scramblers 03:11
6. Across Forests And Fjords 04:16
7. ReaniManiac 03:18
8. Dismantle The Dictator 03:57
9. Anthem Of The Betrayed 05:16
10. Leviathan Awaits 04:48
11. Tragedy Of Modern Ages 07:03

Total playing time: 47:21

Revocation's MySpace

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Well, obviously there is a lot of types of comedy and everyone is different in their tastes. Lately though, there has been quite a large trend and therefore following of reality comedy. Especially when taking it to a point of controversy, it's almost as juicy to the audience as which celebrity just gave birth. It creates the "ooohs" and "omg!" of the comedy business.

Recently, there's been some hype from certain news reporters who think that this sort of stuff is going too far. My question is, at what point does comedy cross the line? It's not like these people are doing something super illegal, they're just making a laugh out of serious issues. I for one find this stuff really funny but then again, not everyone is me.

Also of recent, has been a lean in the trend down the specific path of terrorism. As it's an increasingly reported aspect of life, it seems almost natural for these comedians to jump on it and have a go. There is a YouTube series of some guys in England who do a reality take on what it'd be like to be living in England as terrorists. What can I say, other than the fact I watched an episode and it was pretty darn funny and interesting. Similarly, the show Double Take just yesterday aired a show with a musical video to the tune of Eye of the Tiger making a mockery of Al Qaeda.

Now people act like this is a huge deal, though I tend to disagree. Just because these people are causing problems, does it mean they don't have a sense of humour? Perhaps it's just a really dark sense of humour, or perhaps the exact same as you and I. I can't answer such things but at the end of the day, everyone loves a good laugh. Whether it causes controversy or not, if comedy achieves it's goal of being funny then don't bother complaining!

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I pose the question, what is more of a bother. Spending a day of social isolation at school, or coming home and spending the night bored as your father insists on listening to old music, in his pajamas with socks on, picking up your $1200 guitar and treating it like it cost a fiver. I personally cannot pick between, although at least the school day was quiet.

In relation to the title, many people know that Behemoth released their new album Evangelion recently. So far, I've got around 360 plays for the album (songwise not full album!) which is still a fair amount for a short period of time. Anyway, not quite sure why I'm even mentioning that, though I do recommend giving it a listen.

Lately my love for the Harry Potter series has been rekindled. Whether it's in opposition to my little sister's obsession with the atrocity that is Twilight, or my general love of reading, I've yet to decide. Either way, reading through the series is proving a nice thing to do from 11 to 12 each night. In fact I've started to review them and so far I've reviewed the last two (yeah I know, nice order there Richie) but at least I'm reviewing the original next.

Not much else to say for now, except that this Friday it's my birthday and am turning eighteen. Although I don't have any control over the party, as is already proven by the fact my sister is having more friends over than me.... where is the fairness in that? My response was "it's our house and she can invite whoever she wants". It makes you wonder sometimes, if their claims of "it's always you wanting" are actually true, or if they're hugely hypocritical and just use the "I'm an adult" argument to get away with a lack of intelligence. Either way, I'm interested to see their new poorly constructed rebuttals after Friday.

So yeah it's a negative, sorry. Well for now, watch out in case I make another blog entry after the two vodka bottles I have stored for Saturday on top of whatever else is brought... no doubt it'll be humorously lighter.

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Well right now, he's studying Economics or as he likes to call it, Deathonomics. Which by the way if you don't know the reference, it's a song from the upcoming Revocation album which is like the end of October I think.

Anyway, this studying is for the Trial HSC. Now I'm not going to lie, I haven't been doing much study for it. For those of you not in Australia I'll explain once again. The HSC is your last exams before leaving school and the trials are to show you what they'll be like and help prepare (and also make up a huge amount of your marks lol).

So yeah, not much study. Haven't felt too bad either and, since the HSC will be easier than the trials my school sets, I'm feeling pretty confident. Especially when I make some good, solid notes for all courses. And I won't have to go in for most classes anymore, so plenty of free time to get things done for like... a month?

Speaking of a month, September the 11th is slowly getting closer. Which means my birthday and turning 18. Not sure what I think of it, not overly excited about the prospect but not upset or anything either.

Haven't "acquired" much music still. Though today I did download Behemoth's new album, haven't had the chance to listen yet. Friend showed me the first track on the train, sounded fine enough at the time.

So I'm suffering school at the moment but it'll be clear skies for a while, before a final blackened sky. Then is my six week trip to England but I should still be around during it.

And that's it for now.

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So guys, hope people actually bother to read my blog... which I don't think so for some reason... anyway point is this is a general note and entry so that everyone knows I'm going on a holiday for a week.

Where to you ask? The state above me funnily enough, Queensland. Essentially like where I live but amazingly it has even more Asians, more sand, more freaky deaky weather and probably not enough tea to satisfy me.

So anyway, I pretty much dislike national holidays. There's normally one thing which redeems it, while I spend the rest of it being overly analytical. In contrast, I can't wait to go to England for six weeks.

Getting to the point, what is going to make this one survivable? Well, my dad's boss gave us $1700 spending money for the week. So as long as I get money splashed on me each day, I should be content enough not to destroy the fun of the other lesser thinking members of my family.

$10 says I start before I get off the plane though.

So yeah, negative blog from me. :( Pretty down that Revocation's new album isn't due until October and the song I heard from it is pretty sweet which is annoying.

Oh, and expect a review of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for the Gamecube when I get back.

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So I couldn't think of an overly awesome title, leave me be. ;__; Anyway the relation of it to this is that in Australia it's currently going into winter. Now because of poor global warming who keeps copping all the blame around the place, today is actually cold for where I live. I'm barely dressed though since I'm inside in my warm house. :) Reasoning is that it's exams week and I had to do no less than THREE yesterday, yes three on one day. So now I have two days off to myself before a final one on Friday which is even funnier by the fact it will be the easiest.

So as you know I've been a little better with stuff lately. Managed to get back into GameGrep a bit as homework has died down. After exams I'm hoping things will be a bit better though I'll be making loads of notes because as soon as I go back it's trials blah blah. :(

So what am I doing at the moment? Well at the moment I'm watching a movie while eating and drinking all sorts of good stuff. Listening to some newly acquired music being Fleshgod Apocalypse and Anata. Also laughing at all the suckers at school today.

I've also done some work on the Pokemon Wiki with a couple of episode guides done. Feedback would be much appreciated if you have the time.

That's about it. I'll just leave this on the note I did add some new photos of myself to my gallery recently so if you're interested take a look and yeah.

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In fact, not a lot of anything for a while now. I'm actually finding it a bit of a bother, as contributing around here is something I take an odd pleasure from.

So what is keeping me you ask? Well my HSC is within half a year from me now with my birthday even closer. I'm going to become a man, and then thrust into the workplace. So now it's finally dawning on me, perhaps it's time I give up that reliance on natural skills, and actually put in some effort.

Now only the Australian members are going to know what the HSC is, but I'm sure all of you can guess. It's the final exams which will determine your life, so call them what you will.

As we speak I'm currently working on a novel... well you could say that, I've been beasting the novel. What I'm currently doing is making up my journal. Yes, yes I know I should do it as I work. What do I say to that? Keeping a diary is a girl's thing, seriously. I'm going to stick by that statement and I feel as a guy I can't keep a diary/journal to save my life. I find it much easier to do my work, then go back and make up entries for each bit. I think it gives a better scope to work with in terms of my reflection on the work and I can get the journal out of the way with pretty fast.

Now this is another thing which isn't going to mean anything unless you're Australian. The work is for a course which is known as Extension English 2. It's a brilliant course, allowing those who really shine in English to show their stuff by designing their own project and spending a year working on it. Not many people take it at all, a lot drop it and you can't even take it without the right qualifications. This basically means you have to have done well with English in the past and need the approval of a couple of teachers... may deviate from school to school, but it's how mine's gone and done it anyway.

Actually, my school alone must make a large percentage of the total participating populace, bit of a joke but there you go. We have enough people doing it to make a class, which is ridiculous.

Anyway enough of my rambles. I've had a big glass of wine and I think it's what gave me the confidence to leave my work for a couple of minutes to get this up.

I'll note a couple of things quickly. I entered for that Demigod games, looking forward to seeing the winners. I'm very excited for Pokemon Soul Silver and have set up a Header/Footer Contest so if you're interested in testing out your graphics skills pop in. And I've been in a really big music download binge lately, which I'll blog about some other time.

So until then, later guys.

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A side to me that few, if any of you, would know about me. I enjoy a good part, a good outing or a good hanging out with mates. Despite the fact it seems I spend all my time on this site, as much as I love it, I have a life! ;-;

So anyway, this weekend I had a couple of mates over. It just consisted of blasting out music, fiddling with my sexy guitar and gaming it out until the birds sing the dawn into existence. This means missing the next day due to sleeping the whole time but it's a decent sacrifice.

Anyway last night was funny, just littered my room. So I took a photo, sorry it's missing a load of cans though one of the two friends knocked a load onto the floor (you can see his hand on the mouse). I made my mate listen to Sylosis because he hadn't yet. We followed this up with Cradle of Filth, Necrophagist, Brain Drill and all sorts of metal bands really.

I'll give $10 to anyone who can figure out the game that's on the computer screen. It's brilliant, everyone should play it.

Anyway I better run off again, 3000 words to write for a novel and the night is running out. Goodnight!

Oh and I love that computer! Had her since 2000 and she still serves me well.

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You all know my life revolves around music. If not, you don't know me enough! Though look at my blog and you'll see that I do like my music quite a bit.

So what have I been doing lately in terms of music? Well thanks to my friend, we've really been getting into Technical Death Metal. What an excellent genre it is too, well depending on the band anyway. Currently we've discovered Necrophagist, Psycroptic and Brain Drill. My personal favourite is Necrophagist, we're both learning the song Stabwound and we're taking one of the two guitars each so we can play at the same time and whatnot. Of course he takes professional lessons and puts more effort in, so I let him do the trickier stuff. Funny actually, he ran out and bought a tabs book by them he's into them that much.

Lately though, I've really gotten into Sylosis... and not just because they're British, although it sure does help. They get into influences from quite a few genres, but you'd call them Epic Thrash Metal. Their sound is brilliant and I like the entire album of Conclusion of an Age. Funny band too when you look at them. The singer looks like your average English pub guy, the bassist has mad dreads and a guitarist has really young looks and is a bit hobo-ish.

I have been enjoying them so much, I even had to go to the Music Forum and make a thread which you can find here. Hopefully I can get more people into Sylosis, since they're pretty new on the block and are only just starting to make their way in the music industry... not helped by the fact it's impossible to find their CD in Australia...

So what of the old friends part you ask? Neoseeker has been odd lately for friends. Really old ones appearing again and others changing or disappearing. I really miss a few, wish they'd make some time to actually chat but I guess beggars can't be choosers.

Speaking of friends, Valentines Day sure was interesting. I had three cupid messages from that Neoseeker account. I've been interrogating people, but so far no luck in terms of finding out who are the culprits. All I can say is if you're the one who offered sex, you'd better be good at it.

That's it for now really, yeah. ^^

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For those of you who don't watch fantastic movies, the title is in reference to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure which is about two most excellent rockers on on their quest to find historical figures by traveling through time so they can pass their history exam. This is followed by Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey where they have to defeat the Grim Reaper, escape Hell and save the world along with their two babes.

Now you're asking yourselves, why is this person going on about movies which are as old and older than him? My answer would be, I first watched these at a young age and several times consecutively. These two movies were rather influential and are musically themed, which leads me to my theme of this blog.

And no before you ask, it's not about the fact I'd go gay for the dark haired one. I wanted to blog about my musical influences and how my taste has developed over time. I don't use the term change suggests moving from Object A to Object B due to a change it's no longer Object A, when in fact it's merely a development of Object A.

Before I do start, however, let me say a few things. I wear black clothing a lot, I used to have a long emo hair style, I have an expensive guitar I often sleep with and you won't see me without my black iPod and black headphones. Now to an outsider, they'd get the impression my musical taste is rather narrow, but that's far from the truth.

My excellent adventure started like many do, with parents. My dad, despite our poor relationship, has been quite influential in my life. As a young child he would have me constantly listening to Hard Rock. In fact by the age of three I was already singing along to bands like Guns N Roses and Bon Jovi. My musical library was dictated by my home listening and I knew little else.

Around the age of 7-8 my primary school in England held a disco. I went with my best friend Lana who I'd always crushed on. I can't remember much, but I do remember that it was my first taste of pop music. Though a lot of modern pop majorly sucks, along with me wanting to say several swear words, pop in the 90's was fantastic. It was actually catchy, enjoyable and the lyrics weren't constantly about some ho sleeping around and getting her heart broken.

My next major milestone appeared along the road around the age of thirteen. I'm now in high school, I've long lost contact with my old friends and crush... oh, and I now live in Australia. I met my new best friend Alex, more well known as Zanda. He introduced me to Weird Al and the idea of parodies in the music world. At that age, comedy means a great deal as you strive to socialise and stay happy given the new major obstacles. I also looked into other artists such as Outkast and Black Eyed Peas... oh, and Eminem.

Next on the journey is the year 2007, when I turned sixteen. I received my iPod, I was over the moon. Curiously my long lost crush sent a letter this year pouring her heart out. I replied but I never received one in return. Anyway, I began looking for music to put on it. My dad bought me an album of Aerosmith, igniting my passion for rock again. I added in all those childhood bands and more. Notable names including Whitesnake, Oasis, Poison and Black Sabbath. I would sit there cheerfully, feeling rather hardcore at my anti political music. Little did I know that my next social group would change me forever.

I met my two new best friends a little before the receiving of the iPod and quite frankly, found my music to be too unexciting for their tastes. Trying to introduce me to their stuff they continued to fail until they found one genre, Power Metal in early 2008. I fell in love with it, my first and always will be favourite band being DragonForce which will always be the biggest factor in my musical tastes ever. They were followed by Pyramaze, but I found myself wanting faster and harder music.

Then they managed to get me into a Heavy Metal band called Trivium. Now my musical tastes were really put to the test. I found myself liking bands such as Bullet for my Valentine and I haven't looked back since.

My tastes progressively got heavier, leading me into more obscure genres such as Blackened Death Metal, Tech Death and Extreme Metal. This lead me to such bands as Cradle of Filth, Sylosis and Parkway Drive.

This isn't to say I forgot my home, Power Metal... just found it mixed with other genres. This means bands like underground Agathodaimon, which is a sort of fuse between Power Metal and Blackened Death Metal. Then more normal Power Metal like Altaria and Symphony X, along with unknown bands like Thunderstone.

Then most recently, I've just been looking into anything that tickles my fancy. This includes extremely obscure Equilibrium, which is Blackened Folk Metal. Or Biffy Clyro, back to rock again!

Anyway, to get to my point, my musical tastes have become a lot more diverse in the last ten years. Though I still listen to all of it. I like and appreciate a large variety of genres and bands. A sub point to this would be you don't need to chuck out the old to let in the new.

So I hope you enjoyed the excellent adventure, the memories and the videos. No doubt I will blog about certain bands in the future but for now, I urge you all to go out there and try to expand your own musical tastes. You'll be so much better for it I promise.

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This will definitely be the last you hear out of me in terms of Christmas, except when next year comes around. Although in terms of Christmas spirit the day was just as disappointing as I'd expected, the present haul was pretty decent.

I then, through this, made a new discovery about the whole age rant I did in my first blog entry. Getting older leads to better presents from relatives, either that or I was very lucky. Rather than some cheap toy, I got some liqueur chocolates. Instead of some bad book, I received a $50 note. Instead of cheap little things, I was getting decent big things. So yes perhaps I got lucky, but I think it had something to do with maturing... not complaining!

My Christmas at home was also great too. I mean of course there was the compulsory clothing items, but they turned out to be wanted this year. I got these $100 pair of jeans which are black and tight, talk about sexy (I'll get pic up at some point). My two best friends kept calling them "the emo pants" and I only realised after a while what they meant, with the whole guys wearing smaller women's clothes thing. I said we could settle on the name "the semi emo pants" because yes they're tight but they came from the men section. There was then a new pair of swimming stuff, pajamas and a shirt so all good and no dreaded socks/underwear for a change.

Then there was the CD side of things, which proved more than welcome this year. I currently have a really awesome cousin called Danielle staying over from England and this was her first Christmas in summer (and is like seven years older if you're wondering). She bought me a couple of things, yay for being the old favourite cousin of yonder year, but my favourite had to be the Iron Maiden album. They're a good band so I was pleased, despite it not being something I'm more into but I guess it pays to stick to what you know. Especially since her comments toward my music include "wow this is fast, are they on speed?" or "this is far too heavy for my liking". Which is actually very funny, but I'll blog about music another day.

Following this, I received three movies from my parents. One is something from my childhood, the other two being movies I kept whining on about wanting to make them watch. The childhood one is Bill and Ted, don't know if you guys have seen it but I feel so sorry for you if you haven't seen either of the movies. The two movies I was worshiping were V for Vendetta and Gabriel. The first is an excellent tale of a dystopian England and the second is about the battle between the arch angels and the fallen in purgatory for control of the dead souls. The second one is an Australian movie with a low budget, and I will tell you now it's the only good movie ever to be affiliated with this country.

Then came my big present, my Wii! I haven't played with it too much yet but I do have another five weeks off school yet. I was worried about what I'd be like with the Wii Remote and nun chuck but I found myself doing pretty well. I like the features I've encountered so far and I honestly don't see why people are so rude about Nintendo's latest console. I played around with my friend's PS3 and it seemed just like the PS2 so I wasn't impressed.

With the Wii I got four games in total. These are Wii Sports, Wii Music, de Blob and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. There is quite a decent list of what I'd like to buy for it, top of it next would probably be Mario Kart Wii. Out of the four games I do have, de Blob is my favourite. No doubt a lot of Brawl fans will be raging at me for saying that, but I just can't help myself. In fact I loved it so much, I wrote a review for it.

The presents then got me thinking, I have to blog this to Neoseeker to share it with you guys. Then came the conundrum of putting my images up in this blog. At first I figured I'd use Photobucket but it wouldn't upload (and I figured out there's some security program newly installed on here being... well a tool in more than one sense) and so I decided to use the recent addition of the NeoGallery. I figured I might as well, why use somewhere else when I can use a spanking brand new feature on my favourite site? I've not done much yet but I applaud the uploading speed, from what I see it's a similar setup to the FanArt section which is interesting and works well. So all together, I've uploaded four photos for you. In order they are the Wii, the games for it, the movies and the album. So check out the photos below and feel free to comment here or PM me about something you found interesting, my friends in real life are useless when it comes to Christmas discussion. ;.;

P.S. Yes my family has a thing for wood, especially myself. :O

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