That's right, I'm saying you the reader do not appreciate technology as much as you should. I had this revelation today and felt I need to share it with you.

What am I using right now... well for those of you not peeking through my bedroom window at night, it's a laptop. It's only been around a couple of decades, but that's long enough for most of us to have spent a lifetime with one. Now what came before that, ah yes, it was the computer. It's a fact that the large majority of people have or have access to a computer. Now think about it for a second how we use the computer and the laptop without giving a second thought to it.

Last year when I took my trip down to the state of Victoria, I was without computer access for a week. It was interesting, showed me that life I always wondered about how some people just don't use them. But then I thought about it and how the computer hasn't exactly been around that long. I thought about how it used to take up an entire room and how the functions were extremely basic, just like a typewriter with a screen.

How much do we really appreciate this great advancement? Do you contemplate it when you press a button and receive the world at your fingertips? Do you take into account that by the use of some buttons, you can have a conversation with anyone online in the world?

What about the mobile phone? Now this is one I've reverted on, personally I never have my mobile phone on and see little to no use to it. But this is not true for everyone of course. You have that teenage girl who lays on the bed for five hours chatting about boys and pointless things while giggling so much you'd think she's on drugs, or the business man who rudely answers his phone during a lunch or while doing something with the family. These people live off the phone and they don't give a second thought to it. They cannot contemplate running home to see who's called and how many notes their partner or children had to write down for them. They don't need to hire people to sit in the office with a phone at hand, they have one in their own hand. Do these people know of the time when telephones weren't using buttons but a ring which was run around to the wanted number? The telegraph system? The messenger boy? Could you imagine the world now if we all had our own messenger boy!?

There is then of course our video games. We've found a way to substitute life into technology to meet our adapting needs, isn't that great? Of course it is! We love it, it's what we've always known. We can turn the power on and go to a world entirely different to our own. Again a recent development, there is no historical evidence to suggest a Caveman played Wii Sports in his spare time.

So what is this mad man rambling on about? What I'm trying to convey to you, like I pondered myself, is that we should take the time to sit back and enjoy technology rather than live it. Appreciate what we have, rather than complaining we don't have the next model up. Think about the rapidly evolving world of technology, how can you sit there and think nothing more of it than being one more tool when it is in fact a marvel of modern human development?

The iPod deserves a special mention though. My father came into my room tonight and pressed the play button, surprised to see it turn on. He then fiddled with it, me watching on intently afraid he'd break it, when he was trying his hardest to figure out how to use it properly. I said "Dad, you use that round pad there with your finger". He gave me a funny look but tried it, shouting "Wow cool!". To me it was simple and ordinary, a daily practice. To him it was something wondrous, not experienced before and something interesting.

So tonight when you're praying, watching pron on the net or reading a book... I want you to take a moment and say thank you for technology, it's a wonderful thing.

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