So recently I've managed to acquire an iPhone Mini. Now from what I can gather, these aren't even officially released yet. It's certainly a bit of a bugger for me, as the instructions are all Chinese without any English to them.

With my awesome skills though I've managed to set the phone itself up, except the sim card because so far only god knows how to put it in. Even now I'm having a bit of trouble navigating certain things but I believe the sim card will fix that up.

This is certainly an upgrade from my last phone, which is just a little Nokia thing which was bought simply to take and receive calls more or less. I feel this phone will be pretty cool once it's all done and certainly something to show around the playground. Speaking of which, I'll probably acquire the help from one of the nice Chinese girls in my year who I'm sure will end up with a much better level of success than I have.

Still can't complain, I have a cool piece of technology that very few people will currently share. I've taken the liberty of shooting some photos of it, I apologise to you (and Red) that they're only webcam quality at the moment. I swear once I get my hands on a good camera I will take better ones for everyone. Still, scroll down and enjoy what I can currently provide. If you'd like a small explanation of each photo, just click on it.

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